Best mega effect?

  1. I've collected every mega pokemon (main and special) and was wondering which one had the best effect.

    User Info: smeargle123

    smeargle123 - 6 years ago

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  1. Gengar is the best general Mega by far.

    Mewtwo/ Banette are really strong as well.
    - MS and +5 on Sunday Meowth will net you tons of coins with these Megas

    Aeordactyle is the best mega on stages with tons and tons of rocks and blocks

    Though I haven't gotten the chance to try it yet myself, I think Blaziken could be deadly on a 3 Pokemon stage.

    User Info: TMOSP

    TMOSP - 5 years ago 2   0


  1. It really depends on the stage. Stages where you only have 3 Pokemon, Gengar does very well on. Stages that use a lot of disruptions Lucario and Ampharos can do well.

    User Info: ProfDE

    ProfDE (Expert) - 6 years ago 1   0
  2. The best mega effect depends on the stage. For me, and most people, Gengar has the best mega effect because he acts as a free Complexity -1.

    Other Pokemon with Good Mega Effects:
    -Mega Mewtwo
    -Mega Ampharos
    -Mega Banette
    -Mega Blaziken (it is pretty good)

    User Info: RegiGamer02

    RegiGamer02 - 5 years ago 1   0
  3. Gengar for me most of the time. I used a Mega Speedup om him too so he megas really fast.

    However, I missed out on the Mega Banette event and my boyfriend kicks arse using it- jealous! When Giratina was live I wish I'd had Banettite cos he had such an easier time of it than me!

    User Info: purplechoccy

    purplechoccy - 6 years ago 0   0

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