What is the best strategy for beating expert stages?

  1. What are best strategies for beating expert stages?

    User Info: TonyClifton323

    TonyClifton323 - 6 years ago
  2. I'm still struggling with these Expert Stage.

    I haven't caught these Pokemon yet.

    Articuno (Rank B)
    Zapdos (Rank S)
    Mewtwo (still locked)
    Genesect (still locked)
    Chesnaught (still locked)
    Delphox (still locked)
    Greninja (still locked)

    User Info: chorikawa

    chorikawa - 5 years ago


  1. If you simply can't win even with the best team you can make it a lot easier with pause screen abuse. Press the home button while playing the stage and it will stop the timer while loading the home screen, but keeping the game screen visible. Use that time to figure out your next match, then unpause and do it. If you do it right, you ought to make huge combos, which cause huge damage. The only Mega that will give you any trouble once you get good at this is the final one.

    User Info: Maladapted

    Maladapted - 6 years ago 3   1
  2. Expert stages have 60 secs if you do not buy a +10 secs with coins. Get your support loaded with supereffective attacks, and start swapping. You can move pokemon around even while a chain is ongoing and switch any two pokemon no matter if you make a line of three. Be quick and you will manage.

    On a side note: there is NO buying +10 secs on some of these stages hosted by the game every now and then!!!!

    User Info: Maelael_Vaeal90

    Maelael_Vaeal90 - 6 years ago 2   0
  3. First pick Pokemon that are supereffective against the Pokemon you are fighting. Just start matching like crazy. You are able to move Pokemon while in a combo unlock normal stages. Expert Stages that have 30 seconds or less I recommend not using a mega and instead another supereffective attacker because the chances of you mega evolving will be smaller.

    User Info: ProfDE

    ProfDE (Expert) - 6 years ago 2   2
  4. I find the best way to do these stages is to prepare by making a entire super effective team.

    The only mega I've had be useful against ex stages is Mega Kangaskhan.

    Of course, using coins to buy an extra 10 seconds can help, but I've beaten most of the first seven or eight without the power ups.

    Fast and swift matching is the best strategy for victory. Abuse the ability to make matches during comboes, it can extend even small comboes, allowing for additional damage very quickly.

    Four Pokemon matches and two way matches (Like L-shape matches and T shape matches) tend to combo easily and generally deal far more damage.

    I know its tough. I've beaten Blastoise 7 times and still haven't caught it.

    User Info: AlternisD

    AlternisD - 6 years ago 0   0
  5. Hey, I fortunately find the EX stages easy to crack and I believe it's all to do with how you position yourself.

    Sit upright at a table or with the 3DS on your knees so you don't really have to hold it.

    When you make a match immediately shift your eyes to focus on the opposite side of the shuffle board to look for a new static match as oppose to trying to keep up with the falling Pokemon.

    Make moves with precision- it's not all about speed.

    Simple matches are better than attempts at fancy complicated ones if you can keep the pace going- once you've started making matches you want to keep that combo going for as long as possible!

    I find Gengar to be the best Mega to use in almost all EX stages because he aids lengthy combos.

    I hope this helps, and for the record I have unlocked and caught every EX stage Pokemon apart from Greninja, for whom I have to get a few more S Ranks to unlock. I also have to do all of my boyfriend's EX stages cos he totally sucks at them -_- bless him.

    User Info: purplechoccy

    purplechoccy - 5 years ago 0   1

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