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Grab all the Nintendo-themed badges you can in this fun-filled crane-machine game. Then arrage them into a custome HOME Menu theme for your Nintendo 3DS system! Unleash your creativity with dozens of digital badges to collect, and match them to themed backgrounds. Start your collection today with this free-to-start download on Nintendo eShop!

Purchase credits and drop them into any machine of your choosing. The number of credits you use gives you a limited number of tries, so use them wisely! There are many different machines that contain badges from popular Nintendo series such as Super Mario Bros., Mario Kart, Animal Crossing, and more. The machines can be tricky, so use your skill along with gravity, slippery surfaces, and chain reactions to your advantage to nab as many badges as possible! Don't forget that practice makes perfect -- use five free daily tries on the Practice Machine to gain experience, and trade in dummy badges for real credits.

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#146 easiest 3DS miscellaneous game (#676 on 3DS, #19958 overall)


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