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Guide and Walkthrough by MartinIIIa

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 06/08/2016

Iron Angel of the Apocalypse: The Return Walkthrough

Table of Contents

1. Walkthrough Notes

2. Legal Notes

3. Guide to Combat
	I. How the Game Works [C01]
	II. All-Purpose Winning Strategy [C02]

4. The Walkthrough
	I. Stage 1: Assimilation [S01]
		A. Lunar Highway Test Run
		B. Virtual Dungeon Level 1
		C. Virtual Dungeon Level 2
		D. Virtual Dungeon Level 3
	II. Stage 2: Lunar Spaceport [S02]
		A. Lobby [L201]
		B. Underground Parking Lot Level 1 [L202]
		C. Underground Parking Lot Level 2 [L203]
	III. Stage 3: SCR Transport Ship [S03]
		A. Escape by Shuttle [L301]
		B. Transport Ship Level 2 [L302]
		C. Transport Ship Level 1 [L303]
		D. Transport Ship Level 3 [L304]
		E. Transport Ship Level 4 [L305]
		F. Transport Ship Level 5 [L306]
		G. Transport Ship Level 4 Revisited [L307]
		H. Transport Ship Level 3 Revisited [L308]
		I. Transport Ship Level 2 Revisited [L309]
	IV. Stage 4: SCR Headquarters [S04]
		A. Sewers [L401]
		B. Headquarters Level 1 [L402]
		C. Headquarters Level 2 [L403]
		D. Headquarters Level 3 [L404]
		E. Headquarters Sub-basement [L405]
		F. Headquarters Second Sub-basement [L406]
		G. Headquarters level 4 [L407]
		H. Headquarters Level 5 [L408]
		I. Headquarters Level 6 [L409]
		J. Headquarters Level 7 [L410]
		K. Headquarters Level 8 [L411]
		L. Headquarters Level 6 revisited [L412]
		M. Headquarters Level 9 [L413]
		N. Headquarters Level 8 revisited [L414]
		O. Headquarters Level 9 revisited [L415]
		P. Headquarters level 10 [L416]
		Q. Headquarters level 11 [L417]
		P. Headquarters level 12 [L418]
	V. Stage 5: Rebel Ship [S05]
		A. Pursuing the Rebel Ship [L501]
		B. Crew Quarters [L502]
		C. Command Room [L503]
	VI. Stage 6: Floating Rebel Base  [S06]
		A. Power Room [L601]
		B. The Grand Hall [L602]
		C. Defense Station [L603]
		D. Munitions Dock [L604]
		E. Warp Station [L605]
		F. Recreation Floor [L606]
		G. Assassin Training Grounds [L607]
		H. Warp Station revisited [L608]
		I. Recreation Floor revisited [L609]
		J. Assassin Training Grounds revisited [L610]
		K. Central Command [L611]

5. Thanks and Due Credit [T01]

1.Walkthrough Notes

I've done what seems to be the world's only walkthrough for Iron Angel of the
Apocalypse, so it seems only fitting that I should do the same for the sequel.
And since the sequel is so drastically different from the first game, it seems
fitting as well that this walkthrough should do a few things different.

Here are the main differences and the reasons behind them:

1.Iron Angel of the Apocalypse: The Return has much cruder combat than the
first game; the same strategy works on every enemy.  As such, it would be silly
for me to give hints for each individual enemy the way I did in my previous
walkthrough.  Instead, I've written a separate section on general combat.
2.Since the English release of this game is quite rare, I'm writing this as, in
part, an import guide.  This means I explain a number of points which would be
obvious to anyone playing the English version of the game.
3.Names of non-boss enemies are again taken from the manual.  The difference
is, this game's manual also includes names for the bosses, so I didn't have to
make them up!
4.While I keep spoilers minimal, this walkthrough is not spoiler-free.  This is
because unlike the first Iron Angel of the Apocalypse, the names of the bosses
in this game include spoilers.  I could have written this walkthrough without
using their names, but I prefer to be able to call bosses by name.
5.This game doesn't use a square grid for level maps, so I can't give
coordinates.  Just try to follow along.

Hope that my walkthrough is of use to you!  If you have suggestions on how to
improve it, please let me know.  I can be contacted at the email address
flarefan [at] hotmail [dot] com.  Your email's header should ideally contain
"Iron Angel of the Apocalypse: The Return".

2.Legal Notes
This walkthrough is copyrighted and may be not be reproduced except for
personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise
distributed publicly without advance written permission.  However, this
prohibition is chiefly to ensure that I know where my work is appearing in
public form, and I cannot think of any situation where I would refuse written
permission to display this walkthrough, so long as I am properly credited as
its author.  So don't open yourself up to copyright violation charges; just ask
me if you can use this walkthrough, and I'll almost certainly say yes.

At present, the complete version of this walkthrough should appear in only one
place, GameFAQs.  In addition, an early draft covering only the first 1/4 of
the game has been posted on the forums at www.3do.cdinteractive.co.uk/.  If you
see this walkthrough anywhere other than those two places, its presence there
is in violation of copyright.

3.Guide to Combat

I. How the Game Works [C01]

Iron Angel of the Apocalypse: The Return has all the basic functions of a first
person shooter.  You turn (D-pad), shoot (A button), strafe (shoulder buttons),
and change weapons (X button).  However, the game has four important
differences from other first person shooters of the time:

1.First and foremost, you can enable a shield which absorbs most damage from
attacks.  This shield is activated by pressing the B button and stays active
for just a couple seconds, but there's no waiting period between uses, so by
repeatedly pressing the B button you can remain virtually invincible as long as
you have shield energy left.  And contrary to what the game manual tells you,
there's no reason to not spam shields in this way, since shield energy is
drained only when it's hit by an attack.  Though of course, for the sake of
your right thumb and the B button, it's best to restrict shield usage to when
there's at least an enemy around.

2.Shields and health are replenished over time.  So whenever you get in
trouble, just retreat to a safe area, wait a little bit, and in just a minute
you'll be back up to full strength.

3.There are no ammunition pickups.  Once you use up all the shots in a
lancher-type weapon, that's it.  Beam-type weapons, on the other hand,
automatically recharge and so effectively have unlimited ammunition.  The
manual states that the less charge a beam weapon has when it is fired, the less
damage it will do.  I don't know if that's entirely true, but I do know that if
a beam weapon has 30 or less charge on it, its shots will do absolutely NO
DAMAGE.  No, I'm not exaggerating.  So don't fire your beam weapon if it has 30
or less; just let it recharge.

Also, I recommend that you don't bother using launcher-type weapons for the
most part.  The need to load each round before you fire it cripples them.  Beam
weapons deal damage faster, and since their ammunition is unlimited, there's no
need to bother with anything else (with one exception, which I will cover in
the walkthrough).

4.You can only carry two weapons at a time: one beam-type weapon and one
launcher-type weapon.  Whenever you find a weapon, the game will ask whether
you want to take it or not.  If you take it, whichever weapon of that type you
were carrying before will be lost.

Interesting differences, eh?  Also, be sure to keep an eye on the Warning
Lamps, which are located on your HUD and flash whenever there's an enemy near
you.  They're very useful for keeping you from taking a surprise attack.

II. All-Purpose Winning Strategy [C02]

Now that you know the basics of combat in Iron Angel of the Apocalypse: The
Return, here's the (not so) secret winning strategy which will work on any
enemy in the game, save a couple of the bosses.  Just follow these three steps:

1.Activate your shield.
2.Charge at the enemy until you're pressing right up against him.
3.Rapidly fire your beam-type weapon until he is destroyed.

So long as you keep on pressing B throughout, your shield will block any shots
the enemy manages to get off.  Beam-type weapons do more damage at close range,
a la the shotgun in Doom, so firing at point blank ensures the enemy will go
down quickly (as well as making it hard for you to miss).

If there are multiple enemies in the area, repeat this procedure for each of
them, one at a time.  If there are so many enemies that you run low on weapons
charge, simply back off for a few seconds, recharge, and resume.

4.The Walkthrough

Stage 1: Assimilation  [S01]

A. Lunar Highway Test Run
You complete this level when you run out of life.  No, there is no branching
storyline, so stop resetting the game to try to see what happens if you make it
through to the end; you can't.  Just enjoy the ride and take the opportunity to
get in a little practice, because there will be another level like this later
in the game, and running out of life in it means game over.  The controls are
simple: use the shoulder buttons (or if you prefer, the D-pad) to move left or
right.  You cannot fire or move vertically.

B. Virtual Dungeon Level 1
This is basic navigation training, so there are no enemies and no items to get.
Just advance to the end of the level and you'll get a cutscene.  If you're lost
you can check the automap by pressing P, but this level is quite linear.

C. Virtual Dungeon Level 2
Basic shooting training: there are enemies (these ones are called Grunts), but
they don't attack.  Just shoot them all and you'll get another cutscene.

D. Virtual Dungeon Level 3
This is basic combat training, so there are more Grunts, and these ones do
attack, though they're pretty slow and weak.  If you're having trouble beating
them, refer to this walkthough's "Guide to Combat".  The green walls in this
level are actually automatic doors; walk towards one and it will open.  Once
you've destroyed all the Grunts, you'll get a save point.  Use it; there's
never a point to not saving in this game.

Stage 2: Lunar Spaceport  [S02]

A. Lobby [L201]
You start off face-to-face with the Grunt who shot down your transport, and
he's a lot tougher than the ones you fought in the virtual dungeon.  Take him
out as quickly as possible, and don't try walking through the flames.

Go North until you reach an SCR news panel (indicated in green on your map).
Press C to view the news clip, which plays in a continuous loop, and B to exit.
Just a few steps to the southeast of this panel is an elevator, which you
should get on.  Ignore all the other rooms, as they contain only enemies.

B. Underground Parking Lot Level 1 [L202]
Leave the elevator and head down the corridor.  In this room you'll meet a
Watchtower.  Pretty wimpy, but go ahead and destroy it before checking out the
news panel.  Then take the Southwest path (the Southeast path has nothing).
You'll run into more Watchtowers and a new enemy, the fragile but elusive Air
Balls, before reaching another elevator.

C. Underground Parking Lot Level 2 [L203]
You'll be greeted by an onslaught of Air Balls.  Don't worry, as they're not
tough at all, though it's best to take out each one before it notices you.
After checking out the news panel, move South, dealing with the Air Balls along
the way.  When you hit a fork, go West until you reach a corner.  Further West
is a path to a room with a news panel.  Check it out if you want, but it's not
essential.  Continue South and you'll see signs pointing to "P3" (Parking Lot
Level 3) and "P4".

The door to P3 is locked, so follow the signs to P4.  An automatic door will
open up to a room with two Watchtowers who are oblivious to your presence; take
'em out before they notice you.  (Or let 'em notice you if you want - they're
not tough.)  Go through a corridor and you'll hit another room with two
oblivious Watchtowers.  Keep heading down the linear path.  You'll have to
fight just one more Watchtower, and then it's stage complete!  Save your game.

Stage 3: SCR Transport Ship  [S03]

A. Escape by Shuttle [L301]
It's rail shooting time!  Rail shooting in Iron Angel of the Apocalypse: The
Return is extremely basic, and this level is very short and easy, so if you're
having trouble here I'm not sure what advice I can give.  Just shoot the
missles before they hit you, and try to destroy the grunts before they can fire
off any shots.  Speed is the key.

B. Transport Ship Level 2 [L302]
Oh no!  You're unarmed!  Don't worry.  Just move along and shortly your new
friend Robbie will pop up and tell you to get a weapon from the room to the
West.  It's a little walk after you step through the door, but you'll see an
SCR weapons panel.  (Note that like news panels, weapons panels are marked in
green on the map.)  Activate the panel and select "Get" to pick up the weapon.
It's the same Beam Gun you had before, but it's better than nothing.  Proceed
through the door to the East of the panel, then head North.

You'll reach a door - which is blocked by a pillar!  What to do?  Surprisingly
enough, just shoot it a few times and it will be destroyed.  Proceed through
the door into a huge room with a couple Spiders (a new foe) lurking around.
We'll call this room the level 2 Hub.  At the North end are a news panel and a
save panel.  Use it.

There are four routes now available to you: the passages on the East and West
walls, and the two warp chambers in the center of the room.  However, the two
warp chambers are locked, so you'll need to head down the West passage to get a

Two general notes here: First, you'll be encountering plenty of enemies on the
way, but they're all so wimpy that you don't even need to use your shield.  If
you're having trouble, refer to my Guide to Combat [C01].  Second, Robbie will
frequently interupt to give you pointers on how to play the game.  (That's
right, the concept of a small flying sidekick who constantly pesters you with
gameplay advice did not originate with Ocarina of Time!)  So if you're playing
the Japanese version, rest assured that almost none of what she says in this
level is of any interest.

The West passage opens up to a big room.  Go through the door to the South, and
Robbie will explain (through a whole series of single sentence transmissions...
sigh...) that you'll need to defeat Captain Hoss to get the G5.  There's also a
news panel here.  Back in the big room, take the passage to the Northeast.
You'll reach a locked door.  Just look around the room to find a switch (marked
in green on the map).  Flip it and the door will unlock.

Moving on, you'll go through a very long but linear passage, eventually
reaching a save panel and a door to another big room.  In this room is a red
item panel, containing the key to the first warp chamber.  Access the panel to
get it.

Return to the Hub.  Access the warp chamber to level 1, unless you really want
a launcher weapon.  They're really not necessary.  If you insist, however, take
the East passage.  It'll eventually lead to a big room with three launcher
weapons - unfortunately, doors slide down to block them off if you approach, so
take the passage to the Southeast instead.  You'll eventually reach a switch
which will deactivate the trap, allowing you access to the weapons: a grenade
launcher and a hand launcher.  The latter is the more powerful, but take
whichever you like.

C. Transport Ship Level 1 [L303]
You're now in the level 1 Hub.  Similarly to the level 2 Hub, there are two
warp chambers in the center and a news panel and save panel on the South end.
On the North end are three passages; take the middle one and flip the switch
inside the room.  This will unlock a door in the West passage.

Return to the Hub and take that passage (again, of the three passages on the
North end, this is the one on the West).  You'll eventually cross through a big
room and come out into a narrow passage with a fireball launcher panel.  Unless
you got a launcher on level 2 and still have more than 12 rounds left, I say
take the fireball launcher.  Moving on you'll reach a hive-shaped chamber with
a save panel.  Leave this chamber through the passage to the Southeast, and
don't go through the next door you see; it's one-way.  Instead, look for the
red item panel and access it to get the level 3 key.

Now you can either back track or use one of those one-way doors to get back to
the Hub.  Use the level 3 warp chamber.  (If you're wondering about the passage
to the East, going down there simply triggers a transmission from Robbie
imploring you to get the G5 before taking the shuttle.  Ignore her and you'll
find that the door to the shuttle is locked anyway.)

D. Transport Ship Level 3 [L304]
You're now in the level 3 Hub.  Go through either of the passages on the East
wall, and you'll come to a big room with a save panel, a news panel, a hand
launcher, and a spiffy new beam-type weapon, the Blaster Gun!  Yep, you hit the
jackpot.  Grab everything and return to the Hub.

Now head down the South passage.  At the end of the corridor, the door opens up
into a big room with lots of little nooks and even more Air Balls lurking
about.  Fortunately your new Blaster Gun makes short work of them.  The door
leading out of this room to the West is locked, but there's a switch to unlock
it right in this room (use the map if you're having trouble finding it).  Go
through the once-locked door to confront a new enemy, a Watchdog.  He's
guarding an item panel which has a Q-key, so nab it and head back to the Hub.

If you haven't already noticed, one of the passages on the West is blocked off
by a locked door marked with a "Q".  Yep, that Q-key you just got will unlock
it.  You'll enter a narrow passage with a fork; one branch goes back to the Hub
through the other West passage (just hit the switch to unlock the door), while
the other takes you to a big room patrolled by Watchdogs.  There are eight
doors in here, not counting the one you came in through: four to the North,
four to the South.  The four on the extreme left and right are locked, while
the other four have switches behind them.  You can figure this out, right?

Yep, just hit all the switches to open all the doors.  Note that the switches
do not correspond to the door they are closest to.  The Southeast door opens up
to a Fireball Launcher.  The Southwest one is a room with a save panel, and the
Northwest one is a room with an upgrade to your barrier!  The Northeast door
leads to some walking and some enemies, so save that one for last.  Make it
through all the foes and you'll finally reach the item panel with the fourth
floor key.  Keep checking your map so that you don't miss that item panel;
otherwise you'll go through a one-way door and will have to walk through this
section all over.  Once you have the key, head out the door to the West; you'll
enter a passage that will take you back to the Hub.

Once back in the Hub, take the warp chamber to the fourth floor.

E. Transport Ship Level 4 [L305]
You're now one the level 4 Hub.  A save panel and news panel can be found on
the far North wall of the Hub.  There are four weapons panels in here, one for
each of the cardinal directions.  Check 'em out if you want, but they contain
pretty unimpressive weapons for this point in the game.  I also advise you to
ignore the East passage, since it just goes to another save panel, a rather
uninteresting news panel, and a bunch of enemies.

Take the West passage (note that it's not blocked off by a door).  You'll enter
a very long, very twisted passage which almost completely circles the Hub in a
clockwise direction.  It's mostly linear, but at one point you'll hit a fork,
and Robbie will tell you to take the South one.  This South one just leads to a
save panel, so take it if you want to save, but otherwise ignore her and take
the North branch to continue on.

When you've circled around to directly South of the hub, you'll be in a big
corridor with two doors to the South.  Go into the one on the West, which in
turn has two doors on its South side.  Both doors have switches behind them;
pull the first switch to unlock the door to the second switch, and then pull
that switch.  Now head back into the big corridor and you'll find that the
door on the Southeast has been opened.  Enter that room and you'll find an item
panel with the level 5 key.  Go back to the big corridor and take the door to
the North, bringing you back to the Hub.

Now you can take the warp chamber to level 5.  I advise you to use the save
panel before you do, though.  See the next section for the reason why.

F. Transport Ship Level 5 [L306]
Head down the passage.  As you approach a door, Robbie will interrupt to warn
you that Hoss is nearby.  If your health, shields, and beam weapon energy are
not all full, rest here until they are.  Once you approach that door, you'll
have to fight your first boss.  (Yep, this game does have bosses!  Though they
are indeed few and far between.)

--- BOSS: Captain Hoss ---
For a first boss, this guy is fairly nasty.  He wields both a launcher and a
Stopper Gun (meaning he can paralyze you with his shots) and is backed up by
two Watchtowers.

Take out the Watchtowers first, as quickly as you can; the last thing you want
is both Hoss and his two Watchtowers tearing away at you while you're
paralyzed.  It's best to use a launcher weapon at this point, since that way
you can take them out while keeping your distance.  Keep moving so that Hoss
doesn't hit you with his Stopper Gun.

Once the two Watchtowers are down, stop worrying about keeping your distance.
Equip your beam-type weapon and apply my All-Purpose Winning Strategy: spam
your shields, get up in Hoss's grill, and start unloading shots into him at
point blank.  He should fall in just a few seconds.

No, you're not done with this stage yet!  Once Hoss is defeated, the locked
door on the West side of the room will open.  Go through and you'll be faced
with two passages.  One shows nothing on it on the map, but go there anyway
because it contains the whole goal of this stage: the G-5.  Once the cutscene
is over you'll have the G-5, and the door to the other passage will be
unlocked.  Head down it to reach a ladder heading down.  Press C to use it
(and enjoy a silly cutscene of a bifurcated Captain Hoss talking about how
awesome Tetsujin is).

G. Transport Ship Level 4 Revisited [L307]
Nope, you're still not done with this stage!  The transport ship is going to
explode in three minutes (the voice on the intercom gives you the countdown),
and it's not a linear route to the exit.

Go right, then right again, and you'll hit a four-way intersection.  Head North
and then West, and you'll come to a switch.  Flip it and head back to the
intersection; that switch opened up the passage South, so take it.

After that it's essentially linear for a while, so just keep checking the map.
You'll pass by a big pillar, and after that there will be two doors, one East
and one West, both locked.  Head North and the path will curve around to behind
the West door.  There's a switch in this room; hit it to open both doors, and
head straight through.  You'll pass through three square-shaped rooms and head
into a narrow corridor leading to another ladder going down.

H. Transport Ship Level 3 Revisited [L308]
Another level, and the countdown to meltdown is still ticking down!

Head South.  The path will curve back around North; head East next.  You'll
immediately hit a fork, and it is important that you go Southeast and not
Northeast here, since Northeast leads to a long pointless loop.  Keep heading
East and you'll hit what looks like a fat "H" on the Map.  Go to the bottom
right rung of the "H" and proceed South.  (This is all so hard to describe...
Really, it's best if you just keep checking your map.)  From there on it's
linear; you'll pass through a room that looks exactly like an arrow on your
map, and before long you'll hit another ladder going down.

I. Transport Ship Level 2 Revisited [L309]
This last level is short and simple, so you really can't miss the exit.  But
just in case: Head North, take the passage to your left, and watch for a door
on your right.  That door leads to the elevator out, and a save point.  Yes,
you have finally completed Stage 3!

Stage 4: SCR Headquarters  [S04]

A. Sewers [L401]
Yep, it's a second vehicular level, and this time if you run out of shields,
it's game over!  This level is all down to good reflexes so there's not much
useful advice as I can give.  When you die the game conveniently puts you right
back at the beginning of the stage without having to return to the start
screen, re-load your game, and/or rewatch cutscenes, so just keep at it and
you'll eventually learn the pattern of pipes.  Be aware that you will lose
health by slamming into the sides of the tunnel, so don't turn too hard.

B. Headquarters Level 1 [L402]
Go North and Robbie will explain that you've successfully snuck in the back
way.  When you hit a branch, go East.  You'll enter a big room with two
Watchdogs and a locked elevator.  The South door just goes to a news panel,
while the North door has the rest of the level.

Heading North, you'll be in a narrow passage which ends in a room with a save
panel and a Blaster Gun.  Use the save panel, but if you didn't already get the
Blaster Gun ages ago then slap yourself now.  Go East and you'll be in a huge
room with four Walking Turrents lurking around.  The passages to the North and
West are all locked (except the one you came in through), while the ones to the
South and East both lead to ladders up to level 2 (but not the same part of
level 2).  I recommend going East and taking that ladder.

C. Headquarters Level 2 [L403]
If you took the South passage on Level 1, you'll be in a hub with four warp
chambers and four Watchtowers.  If you took the East passage on Level 1, you'll
get the same deal but with four Silver Trolls, a new enemy.  In either case,
taking the East warp chamber will take you back to Level 1, specifically, the
West passage in the huge room.  I haven't tried out where all the warp chambers
go, but if you took the East passage, the North warp chamber will take you to
level 3 so you can advance through the stage.  Presumably the five warps I
haven't tried all go back to level 1.

D. Headquarters Level 3 [L404]
Your route is basically linear for a while now.  Enemies are lurking about, but
they're so spread out that the present little threat.  You'll eventually hit a
big room which looks like "CO" backwards; on the upper tip of the "C" is an
upgrade to your barrier!  Grab it, then proceed East.  (If you want, you can
pop into the room just north of the upgrade and use the save panel.  The
elevator in this room is locked, though.)  You'll eventually reach a warp
chamber to the headquarters' lower depths.

E. Headquarters Sub-basement [L405]
You'll step out into a room with two doors on the East and a passage to the
West.  If you want a Fireball Launcher, go into the door that's further South,
hit the switch to open up a door, and then go through the door that's further
North to get this still decent weapon.  Otherwise, ignore the doors and take
the passage West.

You're now in a huge open area with a save panel in the Northwest corner.  Use
it, natch.  There are two big room-within-a-rooms here, but there's nothing of
practical use inside them.  If you really dig this game's b-movie story, enter
these rooms to see lots of bodies and tanks and hear Robbie explain that this
is where they keep the bodies of people turned into motoids.  Otherwise proceed
to the Southeast part of the level.  Here Robbie will point out your human
body.  Approach the other body in this area and Robbie will say "Don't look at
this one."  I guess that's supposed to imply that this is Robbie's body?  It
indeed is clearly female, whereas the other bodies all seem to be male.

Anyway, proceed North from (presumably) Robbie's body.  The path eventually
turns West and you'll encounter a half dozen Watchdogs on patrol.  A launch
weapon is useful for trimming the odds; otherwise, remember that you have a
shield for a reason.  The Northwest corner of this room has some kind of 1960s
interdimensional warp door.  Step through it to find yourself... still in
the headquarters sub-basement.

Blast through the Walking Turrents in this large room, then locate the door in
the Southeast corner of the room.  Head into it, then keep going until you're
in a big room with more Walking Turrents.  The South side of this room is
lined with four doors; I'll number them 1 through 4 from West to East.  Door
number 3 is locked, but behind door number 1 is a switch which opens it.  Door
number 2 has only an empty room behind it, and for that matter, door number 3
only has a wimpy Hand Launcher.

Summary conclusion: Ignore doors 1 through 3 and just take the warp behind door
number 4!

F. Headquarters Second Sub-basement [L406]
Exit the warp chamber, pass through the next room, and you'll enter a big hub
room.  Here's the layout, with doors numbered 1 through 6:

1                5
*                *
2     ************
*                *
3                *
*                6
4                *

Door 5 is where you came in.  Behind door 4 is a room with a save panel.  Door
3 is locked, but behind door 6 is a switch which opens it, and behind the newly
opened door 3 is a new beam-type weapon, the Demolition Gun!  Definitely grab
this sweet toy.  Doors 1 and 2 open up to a heavily-guarded room with another
of those trippy doors; this is where you need to go to advance.

On the other side of the trippy door is a long, linear passage with some
Walking Turrents that you can try out your new Demolition Gun on.  Note that it
fires more rapidly than the Blaster Gun.  Go through the trippy door at the end
of this passage.

You're now in a big room where you need to walk through trippy door after
trippy door to pass through the inner chambers, dealing with Watchdogs along
the way.  That probably sounds pretty confusing but this is still extremely
linear; just walk through every trippy door you see.

Eventually you'll come out in a huge open area which basically comprises the
Eastern half of this level.  There are five room-within-a-rooms here; go to the
Northernmost one as that has a door which will let you in.  Inside is a warp
chamber which will take you to the next room-within-a-room.  Keep going in this
fashion.  As with the previous room, this probably sounds confusing but it's
really just a matter of "If you see a warp chamber, enter it."  Eventually
you'll reach a trippy door, and guess what?  Walk through it.

Once through the trippy door, head south and you'll reach a panel with the
long-sounght elevator key.  Now take the warp chamber to the West of the key.

G. Headquarters level 4 [L407]
Proceed to watch a short cutscene.  The next room has a half dozen Silver
Trolls, so be ready.  This room's South wall has four doors (again, 1-4 from
West to East).  Door 1 has a Fireball Launcher, door 3 has a save panel, and
the other has a save panel.  Use it and take the sole door on the East wall.

Go through rooms until you reach one with three destructible pillars.  Destroy
the pillars and proceed North; the passage to the West just has a news panel
and another Demolition Gun.  The next room has **sigh** three transmissions
from Robbie belabouring the fact that this is a motoid factory.  At the
Northeast end of this room (and the level) are five Heavy Tanks, a new enemy.
But these ones aren't activated yet, so you can just destroy them at your
leisure.  Enjoy destroying everything in this room, and don't forget to get
the barrier upgrade!  It's located in a room-within-a-room here.

Go through the door to the South of where the Heavy Tanks were.  You'll
encounter more inactive Heavy Tanks, and just beyond them are a half dozen
Walking Turrents - and they aren't inactive!  A launcher weapon is a fun way
of thinning their ranks, but hit-and-run tactics work just fine too.  Proceed
Southwest and you'll find a third group of inactive Heavy Tanks.  Destroy them
to access the passage beyond, which comes out to a room with a save panel.
From this room, go East to take the ladder up to level 5.

H. Headquarters Level 5 [L408]
There are exits to the North and South; the South one just goes to a long
passage ending in a locked elevator, so take the North one.  You'll go through
a crooked room, then a large room that looks like an "lC", then a smaller room
with a save panel.  The room after this is the beginning of a maze of those
trippy doorways.  To get through with minimal enemy encounters, go West, West,
South, South, East, South, East, East, North, North.  You'll now be at a ladder
going up.

I. Headquarters Level 6 [L409]
The room you're in has doors to the West, South, and East.  Go through the East
door.  You'll wind up in a circular room with warp pillars spaced at regular
intervals; each pair of pillars warps you to the next pair in a
counterclockwise direction.  Not much of a puzzle, honestly.  Simply proceed
counterclockwise, and you'll reach both of the little rooms which branch off
from the circular room.  One has a Watchtower and an awesome new beam-type
weapon, the Stopper Gun.  The other has a key to the Y Elevator.  Grab them
both and head back to the entrance room.

Now take the West door.  In here is a save panel and three elevators.  All
three are locked, but you now have the key to the Y elevator, so use that one.
This elevator goes to Levels 4 through 7, but there's nothing new for you on
Levels 4 and 5, so go to Level 7.

J. Headquarters Level 7 [L410]
You're in a room with five Watchdogs, a news panel, and a brand new
launcher-type weapon, the Shock Launcher.  Get it and enter another trippy door
maze.  This one is much bigger than the last, and includes a new enemy, the
Guardian (looks like a human soldier), but curiously enough you need only
explore a tiny portion of it to get all the good stuff.  From the room with the
news panel, go East, East, South.  From here, just go East to reach the ladder
up - which is what I recommend you do.  The only other things in the maze are a
save panel and the Stopper Gun, which you should already have.

If you somehow missed the Stopper Gun and don't feel like going back, then you
must instead go South, East, East, North, and East.  To get to the save panel
from there, go West, South, East, East, and East.

K. Headquarters Level 8 [L411]
Step through the trippy door and you'll be immediately assaulted by Guardians
and Heavy Tanks - yep, these ones have been activated!  Your shield comes in
handy here.  Once you're done, leave to enter a third trippy door maze.  From
the entrance room, go West, West, West, West, South, West, South, West, West.

You're now in an open area with Guardians lurking around.  The upside is, the
room on the Northwest corner has a fresh Shock Launcher, the room on the
Southwest corner has a save panel, and the room on the Southeast corner (very
easy to miss, just keep perusing those narrow corridors) has the crowning
jewel, the key to the Z elevator!  Access all three panels, then head out the
door to the west of the room with the save panel.

You'll go through one more trippy door and then enter an open area with a warp
chamber on its Southeast end.  (There's also a room with a weapons panel, but
all it has is the now obselete Demolition Gun - don't touch it!)  The warp
chamber takes you back to the South wing of Level 6.

L. Headquarters Level 6 revisited [L412]
Head through the next room to come into another of those circular rooms with
warp pillars.  Proceed counterclockwise to the exit on the North side of the
room; at one point you must step BACKWARDS into a warp so that you don't skip
over the exit.  (This is because the route around the room is divided into
segments by the warps, and going continuously forward causes you to warp past
every second segment.  By going backwards, instead of warping past the next
segment, you simply warp to the end of the segment you're in.)  Ignore the room
to the South; nothing useful in there.

Now return to the West wing of this level, where all the elevators are.  You
now have the key to the Z elevator, which has access to levels 4, 6, and 9.
Still nothing new on levels 4 and 6, so go to 9.

M. Headquarters Level 9 [L413]
Man, this stage really goes on and on, doesn't it?  And believe it or not,
we're still no nowhere near the end.  Stick with it!

The starting room has three doors, plus the Z and C elevators of course.  Go
through the East door and use the save panel in there.  Now, of the two doors
on the South, take the Easternmost one.

You'll pass through a long corridor and then enter a large room with some
Watchtowers to defeat and two locked doors along the East wall.  But there's a
switch in this room, so that's gotta open at least one of them, right?  Wrong.
But push the switch anyway, then head back to the starting room.

This time take the Westernmost door.  Deja vu time as you again pass through a
long corridor to reach a large room with two locked doors along the East wall.
Most of this room, though, is taken up by a cubic structure with little
corridors on each side penetrating through to switches in the center.  The West
corridor was opened up by the switch you hit in the previous section, so enter
it and push the switch.  This opens up the South corridor, which then opens up
the East corridor, and the switch in that one opens the doors on the East wall.

Proceed past those doors and take out the Heavy Tank on the other side.  Go
through a small corridor and go East out of the next room (going North just
takes you back to the other area with two locked doors on the East wall).  Now
you keep going through a long linear section which ends in two ladders
going... down?  Take either one, as they both go to the exact same room.

N. Headquarters Level 8 revisited [L414]
You're in an arena with two Heavy Tanks.  Zap em.  You have access to two rooms
here: the one to the North has a save panel, and the one to the South has the
coveted key to the C elevator.  Grab it and go back up the ladder.

O. Headquarters Level 9 revisited [L415]
Walk all the way back to the entrance room.  Now you can enter the C elevator.
It grants you access to levels 4, 6, 9, and 10.  You guessed it, we're going to
level 10.

P. Headquarters level 10 [L416]
Step through the trippy door and you'll be immediately presented with a panel
containing a shock launcher and a save panel.  Also in this room (which we'll
call the level 10 hub) are trippy doors to the West, South, and East.  You
won't get far on the South or East paths, so take the one on the West.

You'll now proceed down a long but essentially linear path with lots of
surprisingly tough enemies; hit-and-run tactics may be necessary to keep your
weapon charged.  Eventually you'll be stopped by a transmission from Robby; she
tells you to use your turbo speed to escape the trap.  What that means isn't
immediately apparent, but keep going and you'll soon encounter a set of doors
which close when you approach them.  Step back just far enough for the doors to
open, then as Robbie suggested, activate your turbo and run past them.  There
is a second set of doors like these shortly after, and you can deal with them
the same way.  Ignore the trippy doors along the way; they're just there to
provide a means of backtracking if you need it.

There's a normal door up ahead, but before heading through it, search around
until you find a niche with a familiar-looking tunnel.  Approach it and... yup,
you got the R-5!

Now head through the aforementioned normal door.  You're now in a room with
doors to the North and East.  Go East; the North door just hides two Walking
Turrents.  Then head through the trippy door, and you'll find yourself back at
the hub.

So now the West and East paths from the hub have both been covered.  That just
leaves the South path, so take it.  Down this route is a door which was
previously locked, but has been unlocked by your taking the R-5.  Keep going
until you reach a ladder going up.

Q. Headquarters Level 11 [L417]
This level is composed of a huge, tedious maze.  Your goal is to reach the
ladder in the Southeast corner of the level.  I could give you step-by-step
directions, but it would be pretty pointless since most of the maze is
essentially linear; you'll get through it faster just by going in blind and
regularly consulting the automap than you would following a step-by-step guide.

There are enemies in this level, but they're all so isolated that by the time
you run into one, you've already autorecovered your health and ammo from the
previous encounter.

Just head straight to the exit and don't worry about mapping the whole place
out.  The only goodies in this level are found in two large rooms with dark
green walls.  The first has only a Stopper Gun and a Shock Launcher - totally
redundant at this point.  The second has a Stopper Gun, a news panel, a save
panel, and a new weapon, the Jolt Launcher, making it more worthwhile.  Still
not essential, though.  Unless you're somehow having trouble with this game's
ridiculously easy combat (have you not consulted this walkthrough's
All-Purpose Winning Strategy [C02]?), just keep heading Southeast until you're
at that ladder.

R. Headquarters Level 12 [L418]
You have to go through three trippy doors before you reach the first branching
path.  At the branch, go South and then West to avoid a few enemy encounters.
From that point on, you're again on a linear path for a while.

At the next branch, you again have the choice of East or South.  Go South, then
West.  Note that the enemies are actually getting pretty powerful at this
point, so don't be ashamed to rest up between encounters if you need it, and
remember the All-Purpose Winning Strategy.  As you head to the South end of
this room, you'll be given the opportunity to save.  Holy smokes, you've
actually reached the end of Stage 4!

Stage 5: Rebel Ship  [S05]

A. Pursuing the Rebel Ship [L501]
Another rail shooter level.  This one is even shorter than the first, but more
intense and difficult.  Speed alone isn't enough this time; you'll need a bit
of memorization.  The enemies and missiles appear in the same places every
time, so try to remember where to shoot and you should get through this one in
just a few tries.  The level's short enough that even the most rudimentary
memorization skills will be enough to bring you ultimate victory if you just
keep at it.

B. Crew Quarters [L502]
You'll start off on a linear path with nothing but empty rooms and niches
containing Grunts to distract you.  The Grunts here are quite a bit tougher
than the ones you fought back in Stage 2, so take care.  Even at close range,
it takes quite a few hits from the Stopper Gun to bring one of these guys down.
When you hit a four-way intersection, go South.

From there, continue following the remarkably linear path until you hit a room
with a save panel, a jolt launcher, and the ladder to the next level.  Do not
proceed without using that save panel!  You really don't want to have to repeat
the entire first two levels in this stage, do you?

C. Command Room [L503]
Upon entering this level, you view a brief cutscene and are immediately thrust
into a boss battle.

--- BOSS: Tetsujin Mark 1 ---
Yep, same guy who was the final boss of the first game, but a totally different
fight.  This guy packs a decent punch with his attacks, but the real difficulty
with him is that he's remarkably nimble, and naturally the Stopper Gun doesn't
paralyze him.  If you can pin him down, though, just a few seconds worth of
close-range shots from the Stopper Gun is enough to achieve victory.  So just
charge at him relentlessly so you can get in those close-range shots.

Don't let him get away from you, and don't waste ammunition firing at him when
not at point blank range, since he'll dodge the vast majority of your shots.
Basically, just use the All-Purpose Winning Strategy, and this fight will be a
piece of cake.

With the boss defeated, the exit door to this room opens.  There's nothing else
on this level, so just head out that door and you'll be given the chance to
save.  Another stage complete!

Stage 6: Floating Rebel Base  [S06]

A. Power Room [L601]
Curiously, there's not a single enemy in this level.  Relax as you explore and

You start off in a big room shaped like... a puzzle piece, I guess?  Head
through the door to the North into a long corridor.  Here you're introduced to
electrical pillars, but don't try touching them as they just drain your HP.
You'll reach a switch; press it to open a door to the West of you.  Inside this
room is another switch.  Push it, and the door just to the East of the first
switch opens up.  Step through.

In this room is a ladder going down.  Take it.

B. The Grand Hall [L602]
This level consists of a long circular corridor with Grunts around every
corner.  Simply proceed counterclockwise until you reach the save panel at the
end.  Ignore the two warp chambers to the side; one is unreachable, and the
other doesn't go anywhere worthwhile.

Once you've saved, backtrack just a little and enter the side room near the
Southwest corner of the level.  Inside is a ladder headed down.

C. Defense Station [L603]
You're in a sizable room with two doors on the East wall.  One is a warp
chamber which simply takes you to a section of a level where you can shoot at
two grunts across a line of impassable bars.  Pretty pointless if you ask me,
so I say just skip it and take the door on the Northwest corner.

You'll now follow another of those winding, often narrow paths which are still
essentially linear; just check the map at any time and it'll be obvious where
you need to go.  Eventually you'll hit another ladder headed down.

D. Munitions Dock [L604]
You're in a huge open area with switches and rooms-within-a-room all around.
First, use the save panel in the center.  You can then use the ladder to the
Northeast to go to the next level, but you do want to see what's in those rooms
first, right?

As you might guess, each switch opens up exactly one room-within-a-room.  I
won't bother telling you which switch goes to which room; just hit all four
switches to open them all up.  First order of business is the room on the
Southwest, which contains... drum roll please... The most powerful weapon in
the game, the Megaplasma Gun.  The Southeast room has a Jolt Launcher, so get
that too.

The rooms to the North just contain the Plasma Gun (you only just got access to
it and it's already obselete!) and a Shock Launcher.  Ignore them and head down
to the next level.

E. Warp Station [L605]
In here are four warp chambers, one for each of the four walls.  All four go to
the same level, but none go to the same part of that level.  Use the East warp

F. Recreation Floor [L606]
Here you'll be introduced to a new enemy, the Assassin.  They're tougher than
any other non-boss enemy in the game, but with your new Megaplasma gun they'll
go down very quickly.  However, there's no real need to deal with the four in
this room, since your objective is the warp chamber immediately to the East of
the one you came in on.  Short level, huh?

G. Assassin Training Grounds [L607]
You'll enter a massive room filled with Assassins ready to try out their skills
on you.  Take them out carefully, then proceed into the narrow corridor to the
South.  This long corridor ends in a room that looks like a piece of chemistry
equipment.  Inside the small glass beaker is a weapons panel.  (Okay, so my
description isn't the best, but you can see the green mark on the automap,
can't you?)

This weapons panel contains a Psycho Launcher.  Get the Psycho Launcher and
hold onto it for the rest of the game, never using it until I give the word.
Trust me, if you use this thing's ammo on regular enemies, you'll just end up
having to backtrack here later for a refill.

Speaking of backtracking, you now have to walk all the way back to the Warp
Station.  Use the save panel along the way.

H. Warp Station revisited [L608]
Use the South warp chamber this time.

I. Recreation Floor revisited [L609]
You step into a room with four doors (not counting the one you came in
through).  Take out the Assassins, then go through the Southwest door and
you'll reach a save panel.

Take the Southeast door next, and keep heading down the linear path until you
arrive at another warp chamber.  Enter it.

J. Assassin Training Grounds revisited [L610]
Simply enter the warp chamber immediately North of the one you came in on.

K. Central Command [L611]
You start in a "T" shaped room.  Head out the West tip of the "T" and use the
save panel before proceeding South.  From here the path is linear for a while,
but keep an eye out for a red panel.  Accessing it lets you view an important
cutscene, wherein you are advised that you need a Psycho Launcher to defeat

Once you've accessed this panel, head back to the "T" room; this path is very
long, and aside from the red panel there's nothing of interest on it.  Before
you do anything else, use that save panel again; this is your last chance to
save before the end of the game!

Now head down the East tip of the "T".  You'll enter a long corridor with lots
of niches.  Be aware that there are Assassins hiding in many of these niches.
Keep going and you'll reach a warp chamber.

The warp chamber takes you to the central part of the level.  Take out the
three Assassins, then go West.  There's one more Assassin to defeat, and then
you enter a narrow corridor which, according to the automap, goes to a dead
end.  But keep going and you'll be confronted with the game's climactic
challenge, two boss fights in a row.  Be sure to rest up so that you have full
health, shields, and ammunition before taking them on.

--- BOSS: Robbie ---
This is unquestionably the easiest boss in the game.  While Captain Hoss and
Tetsujin Mark 1 are both essentially beaten by the All-Purpose Winning
Strategy, Captain Hoss has his Stopper Gun and Watchtower cronies, and Tetsujin
Mark 1 has his speed.  Robbie's sole advantage is that you start the fight with
your back to her.

Anyway, just turn around, charge into Robbie, and pump load after load into her
with your Megaplasma Gun, spamming your barrier all the while.  She'll go belly
up in under 5 seconds.  Seriously.

You're now treated to a cool, bizarrely disturbing cutscene, but otherwise the
next boss fight follows immediately.  Your health, shields, and ammunition
will all be as they were at the end of the fight with Robbie.  In fact, if you
had your barrier up at the end of the fight, you'll start the next fight with
the barrier still up!  Not important, but a pretty crazy quirk of the game.

--- BOSS: SCR Commander in Chief ---
Now for a real fight.  ...Actually, this guy goes down pretty easily so long
as you know what to do, which is quite simple.  If he looks familiar, that's
because you've seen him in a news panel covering Biomotoids.  ...Yep, he's a
Biomotoid.  And if you accessed the red panel on this floor, you already know
what that means.

Simply put, equip the Psycho Launcher and unload 9-12 shots into the Commander
to put an end to him.  Launcher-type weapons supposedly do the same amount of
damage regardless of range, but I'd confront him at point-blank anyway, just so
you don't miss.  The Commander isn't as nimble as Tetsujin Mark 1, but he's not
exactly easy to hit from a distance, and the Psycho Launcher does have limited
ammunition.  If you use up all the rounds in the Psycho Launcher, you're
finished; nothing else can so much as scratch this guy.

The Commander has a reasonably strong attack, so while it is quite possible to
defeat him with a single assault, don't be ashamed to retreat for a bit so
that you can recover health and shields.  If you find the right corner of the
room, you can rest for minutes on end without the boss attacking you.

If you don't have the Psycho Launcher, or you've used up 12 rounds or more,
then you must load your last save, return to the Warp Station, and follow the
instructions in sections E through G ([L65], [L66], and [L67]) to get the
Psycho Launcher.  Sorry, but there's nothing else you can do.  The Psycho
Launcher is the only way to defeat this boss.

That's all.  Enjoy the ending.  If you're wondering who the man and woman on
the hoverbike are, recall the cutscene when Robbie and Tetsujin hoverbike to
the SCR headquarters.  In the English version of this scene, Robbie remarks,
"If we ever go out of this, I'd like to go hoverbiking someplace greener.
That's a fact."  It looks like our heroes made it back into their human bodies.

5.Thanks and Due Credit [T01]

Not much to say here, except thanks once again to the good folks at the 3DO
Zone Forums (www.3do.cdinteractive.co.uk/) for telling me to go ahead with this
walkthrough.  I wouldn't have done it without their encouragement.

And of course, thanks also to Synergy for developing and publishing this game.
Took me forever to find it, and it turned out to be not quite the game I was
hoping for, but I enjoyed playing it nonetheless, and enjoyed doing a
walkthrough for it as well.

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