where can i take my 3do game console to be repaired in Indiana ?

  1. my 3do game console sometime plays and some time dose not .

    User Info: FastKeeper29

    FastKeeper29 - 10 months ago


  1. It is unlikely that you will find a shop that can repair such an obscure console. Your best bet is to ask around at retroshops and see if maybe they can give you a lead on someone locally who does it as a hobby.

    Your other choice is to attempt to repair it yourself. There are extensive step by step tutorials on the internet for correcting the common issues with most systems. See if you csn identify what the exact issue is and go from there.

    It could be something simple such as a dirty lens, miscalibrated laser, or as troublesome as a problematic motor.

    User Info: Arguro

    Arguro - 1 month ago 0   0

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