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More responsive, more colorful, and up to 50 times more powerful than ordinary systems. It's 3DO technology and Panasonic makes the only system that has it.

Put on your oxygen tank, this is no ordinary fish bowl. You're diving in the sea of Cortez, where manta rays, barracuda, and puffer fish gracefully swim around you. What's a puffer fish, you say? Just click it on your screen and find out.
As the puffer fish swims before you a narrator describes it. What you're seeing is actual filmed footage. What you're hearing is full, digital sound. It's a lot like educational television, only a lot more fun. Because you're in control. Go where you want to go; learn what you want to learn. This is one biology lesson you won't be sleeping through. This is R.E.A.L.

Introducing the Panasonic R.E.A.L. 3DO Interactive Multiplayer, the most highly evolved integration of audio, video and interactive technology available. It plays audio and photo CDs and soon, with an optional adapter, full-length movies. And it will introduce you to a stunning new generation of interactive education, information, and entertainment software, from games, sports, and flight simulators to travelogues, music, and children's programs.

What makes R.E.A.L so real? Up to 50 times more power than ordinary PCs and game systems. Up to 16 million displayable colors for photorealistic picture quality. Right and left outputs for stereo hookup. And a custom multimedia architecture that makes R.E.A.L so responsive it practically redefines interactivity.
Entertainment, music and more interaction than ever -- the Panasonic R.E.A.L 3DO Interactive Multiplayer brings you the future in one amazing unit. But be warned: sooner or later you'll have to come up for air.

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