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Spoiler-Free Walkthrough by MartinIIIa

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 07/04/2013

Iron Angel of the Apocalypse Walkthrough

Version History:
0.2 - 6/23/13 - Covered everything from the beginning of the game up through
level 7.
0.4 - 6/26/13 - Covered up through level 16 revisited.
1.0 - 7/3/13 - Walkthrough completed.

Table of Contents

1. Walkthrough Notes

2. Legal Notes

3. The Walkthrough
	I. Level 1 [L01]
	II. Level 2 [L02]
	III. Level 3 [L03]
	IV. Level 4 [L04]
	V. Level 5 [L05]
	VI. Level 6 [L06]
	VII. Level 7 [L07]
	VIII. Level 8 [L08]
	IX. Level 9 [L09]
	X. Quest for the Turbo Booster [L78]
	XI. Level 9 Revisited [L9B]
	XII. Level 10 [L10]
	XIII. Level 11 [L11]
	XIV. Level 12 [L12]
	XV. Level 13 [L13]
	XVI. Level 14 [L14]
	XVII. Level 15 [L15]
	XVIII. Level 16 [L16]
	XIX. Quest for the Radar [L1415]
	XX. Level 16 Revisited [L16B]
	XXI. Level 17 [L17]
	XXII. Level 18 [L18]
	XXIII. Level 19 [L19]
	XXIV. Level 20 [L20]
	XXV. Level 21 [L21]
	XXVI. Level 20 Revisited [L20b]
	XXVII. Level 21 Revisited [L21b]
	XXVIII. Level 22 [L22]
	XXIX. Level 23 [L23]
	XXX. Level 24 [L24]
	XXXI. Level 19 Revisited [L19b]
	XXXII. Level 25 [L25]
	XXXIII. Levels 26 and 27 [L26]
	XXXIV. Level 28 [L28]
	XXXV. Level 29 [L29]
	XXXVI. Level 30 [L30]

4. After You Finish Level 30 [A01]

5. Enemies (incorporated into the walkthrough, this listing is just an index)
	Rodent [E01]
	Snakehead [E02]
	Scorpion [E03]
	Cannon Snakehead [E04]
	BOSS: Tank [E05]
	Sluefoot [E06]
	Air Mine [E07]
	Slither [E08]
	Bigfoot [E09]
	BOSS: Green Hawk [E10]
	Spearhead [E11]
	Cobra [E12]
	Jaws [E13]
	BOSS: Will-o'-the-wisp [E14]
	Pinwheel [E15]
	Cutthroat [E16]
	Assassin [E17]
	BOSS: Scout [E18]
	Hunter Missile [E19]
	BOSS: Tadpole [E20]

6. Thanks and Due Credit [T01]

1.Walkthrough Notes

Welcome.  This is my second walkthrough.  My first, Agatha Christie: Evil Under
the Sun for the Wii, was posted on GameFAQs by the graces of jimfish, back in

Moving on to stuff you actually care about, here is an explanation for some
important elements of my walkthrough:

1.A major shortcoming I've noticed in other walkthroughs for maze-like games is
that they assume the reader has been following their guide from the beginning,
when in actuality, most walkthrough readers are just looking to get past a
point they're stuck at.  When walkthroughs are written this way, it makes it
very hard to figure out where you're at.  To account for this, I've noted the
coordinates of certain points of each level, so you can at least tell where
you're supposed to be.  You can always check your coordinates in Iron Angel of
the Apocalypse by selecting "Floor Map", even when you don't have a map for
that floor.
2.As a further step to keep directions from being confusing, I use compass
directions rather than the context-sensitive "left" and "right".
3.Instead of listing hints for enemies separately, I've put them into the
walkthrough proper, right as each enemy is introduced.  The table of contents
contains a list of all the enemies, with "find" codes for easy reference.
4.Names of non-boss enemies are taken from the manual for the game.  Since I
don't have access to official names for the bosses, I've made up my own.

That's it.  Hope that my walkthrough is of use to you!  If you have suggestions
on how to improve it, please let me know.  I'll be forever indebted to whoever
can tell me a better way of destroying assassins than the one currently given
in this walkthrough.  I can be contacted at the email address
flarefan [at] hotmail [dot] com.  Your email's header should ideally contain
"Iron Angel of the Apocalypse".

2.Legal Notes
This walkthrough is copyrighted and may be not be reproduced except for
personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise
distributed publicly without advance written permission.  However, this
prohibition is chiefly to ensure that I know where my work is appearing in
public form, and I cannot think of any situation where I would refuse written
permission to display this walkthrough, so long as I am properly credited as
its author.  So don't open yourself up to copyright violation charges; just ask
me if you can use this walkthrough, and I'll almost certainly say yes.

At present, the complete version of this walkthrough should appear in only one
place, GameFAQs.  In addition, an early draft covering only the first 1/5 of
the game has been posted on the forums at www.3do.cdinteractive.co.uk/.  If you
see this walkthrough anywhere other than those two places, its presence there
is in violation of copyright.

3.The Walkthrough

Level 1 [L01]
Go through the door in front of you.  It opens into a corridor.  At the end of
the corridor is a room with a runt gun.  Pick it up and equip it; otherwise
you won't be able to fight!

Now, exit through the North door.  At the end of the next corridor is a room
containing your first enemy.

--- Rodent (HP: 3) [E01] ---
This little guy moves slowly and has no ranged attack, so just keep your
distance and you should consistently beat these guys without taking a scratch.
Three shots from a runt gun is enough to bring one down.

Keep going North, into the next room, which contains a complete level map.  (I
love how gently Iron Angel of the Apocalypse eases you into the gameplay.)  As
you can now see, the next room branches into a supply room, but also contains
another rodent.  Destroy it, make use of the supply room, and proceed East.
Watch out for another rodent.

From here you can go either South or East.  Both ways lead to a room with a
rodent, and then to a room with an ammunition pack (20, 18).  Your path is now
linear again, and the next room contains a rodent.  Be careful as you advance
past this point, as there's a rodent in the next corridor!  However, he's the
last enemy on this level.  The next room contains some shield energy and the
elevator to levels 2 and 3.  Tempting as it may be, do not go to level 3, as
this route ultimately leads to a dead end on level 4.  While this dead end
contains some shield energy and ammunition, you really shouldn't need them at
the moment.

That leaves us no logical choice but to go to level 2.

Level 2 [L02]
Head North, and when the corridor branches, turn West.  Keep going West until
you reach a room; this room contains a level map (10, 22).  Head out the North
door and turn East as soon as the corridor branches.  The next room has a
rodent.  Head out the North door, which leads to another room with a rodent.
Leave through the East door, and be sure to stop by the supply room on your way
to the elevator.

Like the last one, this elevator goes to levels 1 through 3.  I really don't
recommend going back down; this leads to a secret section of level 1, but
there's no reason to go there.  So head up to level 3!

Level 3 [L03]
Go through the door on the West, and watch out for the rodent lurking in the
corridor.  The next room has another rodent, but also an ammunition pack.  Head
out into the corridor to the West.  Turn north as soon as it branches (14, 14),
and you'll find your way blocked by a new enemy.

--- Snakehead (HP: 3) [E02] ---
This guy can be annoying, as you can only shoot him when he's hopping.  He
doesn't move around at all, and only attacks when you get close enough to touch
him, so if possible, simply walk around him.  Otherwise, you just have to trade
hits until he blows up.  He takes three hits from a runt gun to destroy.  Learn
to anticpate his hops, and you should be able to take him out before he deals
you more than one or two hits.

At the end of the corridor is a room with another snakehead.  Fortunately, this
one can easily be avoided simply by hugging the North and East walls and
heading out the door to the North.  At the end of the corridor is a room with
shield energy (1,4) and the elevator to level 4!

Level 4 [L04]
The first three levels were just basic training; here's where they start to
throw a little challenge at you.  You start right off in a narrow but very long
room which contains not only a couple rodents, but four units of a new enemy!

--- Scorpion (HP: 2) [E03] ---
Though he moves more quickly than any other foe on the first six levels and has
a ranged attack, this one shouldn't be much trouble.  His Achilees's heel is
that he simply runs back and forth along a set linear track.  He won't pursue
you or react to your movements in any way.  He takes only two hits with a runt
gun to destroy, so just zap him as soon as you see him.

There are four corridors to the East, but I suggest you try to get rid of all
the enemies in the room before checking them out.  The first three corridors
each lead to a single room containing, from North to South, an ammunition pack
(10, 9), a shield energy (10, 16), and a level map (10, 23).  There's another
ammunition pack at the Southwest corner of the room.  Once you've picked up any
of those which you need, head down the southernmost corridor.  It leads to a
room with a snakehead blocking your path.  Get rid of him, then go Northwest to
pick up the ammunition refill at (15, 19).  Watch out, as there are also
rodents wandering around here.

Now take the path to the East, and head North, where there's another snakehead
waiting for you.  You may want to bypass him, as you can get a shield refill at
(17, 11) anyway.  No need to waste ammo!  It's a little hard to give directions
at this point, but as you can see from the level map if you picked it up, the
path is essentially linear.  At the end of it you'll find an elevator to level

Level 5 [L05]
This level starts off linear.  The first room has two rodents.  After that is a
corridor with a scorpion and another rodent, leading to a room with a shield
energy.  The next room has a new type of snakehead.

--- Cannon Snakehead (HP: 3) [E04] ---
Takes three shots from a runt gun and can only be shot when he's hopping, just
like regular snakeheads.  The difference is, this guy can attack from a
distance, so you can't sneak around him like you can with regular snakeheads.
On the bright side, these guys do tend to hop around without attacking, so if
you keep your distance and time your shots rights, there's a good chance you'll
take him out without his ever firing in your direction.

After you destroy the cannon snakehead, the next room is a sprawling area
sprinkled with rodents, scorpions, and cannon snakeheads.  You'll soon reach an
ammunition pack at (21, 25); be sure to grab it as you'll almost certainly need
it by now.

As soon as your path branches, beware as there's a cannon snakehead lurking
just around the corner to the North.  You can partially hide behind the corner
to take him out with ease, if you like.  Either way, destroy him and proceed
along the North path.  It branches off to the East and West.  If you like, take
the East path to grab the level map at (20, 19), but your ultimate destination
lies to the West.  When the West path branches, head North, then turn East to
head into the supply room at (7, 10).

Back out into the cold cruel world, head West into the narrow corridor.  Be
careful as you approach the corner at (8, 1), because a scorpion's track ends
there.  Take him out, and there's nothing left to keep you from the elevator to
level 6.

Level 6 [L06]
This level opens with very long winding corridor.  Not much danger here, but
don't let your guard down, as there are four rodents and two scorpions lurking.
At (1, 28) you'll reach what seems to be a dead end.  Not a problem; just turn
to your left (East) to find a hidden switch on the wall which, when pulled,
open the door to the South.  Just a bit farther to go and you're out of that
claustrophobic's nightmare.  And there's an ammunition magazine waiting for you
right there!  Sweet.

Go East, taking out the cannon snakehead along the way, and you'll find a level
map at (19, 30).  Now turn back North, and you'll almost immediately run into a
shield energy.  Things are looking up, and for the near future they're only
going to get better.  Proceed West, over the shattered pieces of the two cannon
snakeheads awaiting you.  When the path branches, go North to reach the supply
room at (11, 10) (told you things were only going to get better!).  Go back to
the branch at (15, 15) and go East this time.  Down this path you'll meet two
more rodents and a cannon snakehead, but it doesn't matter, because you'll end
up in a room at (29, 2) with shield energy and ammunition.

Now head out the South door, take out the scorpion waiting in the corridor,
listen to the transmission from the android, then keep heading South to reach
the first boss of the game.

--- BOSS: Tank (HP: 24) [E05] ---
The android's advice is sound; not only is the Tank invincible on its front
side, but that's also the side where its attacks come from.  Thus, maneuvering
around to face the Tank from its sides and back is the best strategy both
offensively and defensively.  Even so, this fight is not exactly easy, since
Tetsujin can't maneuver all that well.  Just do your best to keep your
distance, keep facing its sides and back, and pound that fire button whenever
you get an opening, since it takes 24 hits from your little runt gun to bring
this enemy down.

Like all the game's boss fights, this takes place in an enclosed arena.  So no,
you can't flee back to the supply room if you get into trouble.  Fight to the
bitter end!

Once you've destroyed the boss, the door to the South will immediately open.
Head that way and you'll eventually get a nice long cutscene, after which you
are instantly transported to level 7.

Level 7 [L07]
Probably the first thing you'll be thinking when you reach this level is "Oh,
no!  I thought for sure my shields and ammunition would be replenished after I
beat the boss!  Now if I take just a couple stray hits from a motoid, I'll have
to do the boss fight all over again!"  (It'll either be that, or "Hey, cool new
music and wall textures.  Nice change of pace.")  Don't sweat it.  It's a long
way to the next supply room, but there are absolutely no threats along the way.
So relax, enjoy another transmission from the android, and head North until you
can't go North anymore.  There's level map waiting for you at (1, 2).

Here the path turns East, and branches.  Take the North branch to reach the
supply room.  (See?  No problem.)  Then take the South branch to continue on
your way.

The next room is empty and branches off to the South and East.  You've probably
already seen from the map that the South branch goes right to the elevator.
Hooray, that was the easiest level ever, right?  Sadly, no.  The path to the
South ends in the first one-way door in the game... and I'll give you three
guesses which way it goes.  So yep, you have all the way around, through those
six other rooms.  Funny how the first level where the android stresses the
importance of level maps is also the first one where a map is completely
useless (since the level is entirely linear), and in fact can even be
misleading.  Guess the designers were feeling a bit diabolical when they made
this level.

Anyway, take the East branch, and you'll run into a new foe.

--- Sluefoot (HP: 5) [E06] ---
Aside from the boss, the sluefoot is by far the most dangerous foe you've
encountered thus far.  He moves around at a decent clip, fires long range shots
from two cannons, and takes a whopping five hits from your runt gun to take
out.  If you keep your distance, though, he may not notice you even when you
shoot him.  Whatever you do, finish him quickly or he will actively stalk you.

After you're done with that, go into the next room for another new foe.  Yep,

--- Air Mine (HP: 4) [E07] ---
This guy's refreshingly docile.  He moves around in a small circle and won't
attack unless you get close - if you do, he'll self destruct for considerable
damage to you.  Just make sure you don't run into him, and you can take him
out with four shots from a runt gun at your leisure.

Go South into the next room, which has another sluefoot.  The room after that
has another air mine and an ammunition pack at (29, 30).  No head West for a
room with another sluefoot.  Sensing a pattern?  Well, forget about it right
now, because the next air mine is lurking **in the corridor leading to the next
room**.  And the room itself contains yet another new foe.

--- Slither (HP: 3) [E08] ---
Has no ranged attack, but moves a lot faster than a rodent.  Don't let him line
himself up to charge into you.  Hiding behind corners works very well with
these critters.  Three shots from a runt gun is enough to destroy one.

Behind the slither is a shield energy, which you've probably been longing for
by now.  Head North for the final room, which has a sluefoot.  Now, make darn
sure that you don't go through the one-way door to the North, okay?  The
elevator to level 8 is to the East.

Level 8 [L08]
As you leave the elevator, you'll run into two conveyor belts.  Don't worry, as
you can just walk across them; they're only here to introduce the concept to
you.  At the end of the room the android will transmit to you, informing you
there's a turbo booster on level 7.  IMPORTANT: YOU DO NOT NEED TO BACKTRACK

Move ahead with confidence, as there are no enemies in the next corridor or the
room beyond.  Go out the North exit and you'll find a supply room.  Now turn
back South.  The next corridor opens into one of those big winding rooms.  Be
careful, as there's a whole bunch of slithers lurking in here, plus a sluefoot.

At (27, 29) you can turn North for an ammunition pack and a level map.  As you
proceed, watch out for air mines around the next two corners.  Pick up the
shield energy at (30, 23) and (26, 8) and the ammunition at (30, 11) and
(17, 9), which watching out for the air mine hiding around the corner at
(22, 10).  Get past the sluefoot to reach another ammunition pack.  Keep
watching out for those slithers!  At (10, 10), turn North to take a rest in
the supply room.  Then turn East, and before long you'll reach the elevator to
level 9.

Level 9 [L09]
You'll walk out into a big empty room.  Head out the corridor to the Southeast,
and you'll end up in a huge room with conveyor belts.  Get past the first set
by facing the North row and walking forward as quick as you can.  For the
second set, step onto the middle row but do not continue walking once you've
got on; the belt will take you the rest of the way, and there's an air mine
waiting at your destination.  Shoot quickly, because if the air mine is still
around when you reach the end of the belt, it will explode in your face.

For the third set, step on the North row and, once again, do not continue
walking but shoot as quickly as you can to eliminate the air mine before it
gets you.  You'll now see another air mine which you can destroy at your
leisure.  To reach the supply room, ride the belt to the East (this will take
you to where the last air mine was), then step on the belt to the South.  After
you're done in there, walk over the South row of belts, then walk into the
corridor to the South (10, 12).

The corridor branches to the East and West, but you can't go West yet because
the conveyer belt there is going against you.  (Now do you see why the android
said you need the Turbo Booster?)  So head east, walking across the conveyor
belts, but do not step onto the last one just yet, since there's an air mine
hiding in a niche at (18, 15).  Hug the South wall and face Northeast, and you
can shoot him.  The whole of this section is like this: long, winding corridor
with air mines hiding in niches.  (There are plenty of sluefoots, too, so watch
it.)  Anytime you see a branch in the path, expect that one of the branches is
actually a niche concealing an air mine.

The first time the path actually branches, the West path goes to a shield
energy, but unless you've been careless with the air mines, you shouldn't need
that now.  However, do turn West when you reach the branch at (28, 21), because
that one leads to a shield energy and ammunition pack, both of which you should
need by then.  Watch out for the sluefoot guarding them.

There's more ammunition at (30, 11) and (28, 4), and if you take the South
branch at (24, 11) you'll come to a shield energy.  Grab them if you need them.
At (22, 3) there's a supply room to the South, and to the North, an elevator
leading... back down to level 8!  Get on it.  This is how we get the Turbo

Quest for the Turbo Booster [L78]
Stepping off the elevator, you'll be in an empty corridor which leads to an
elevator going to level 7.  Get on it, and you'll end up in another empty
corridor.  However, this one ends in a room with the Turbo Booster.  It's
guarded by a slither and an air mine.  Shoot at them without stepping inside
the room, and neither one should be able to get you.  Once they're eliminated,
pick up the Turbo Booster and head back up to level 9.

If you don't have the game manual, here's how the Turbo Booster works.  Press C
to activate it, and you'll get a few seconds of accelerated speed.  Don't hold
down the button; there's no need.  Lights on your HUD will flash for as long as
turbo speed is active.  Each time you active the Turbo Booster, you use a bit
of turbo energy, but running out shouldn't be an issue.

Level 9 Revisited [L9B]
In case you haven't already discovered this, enemies and items respawn every
time you change levels in Iron Angel of the Apocalypse.  So yep, you have to do
the whole windy corridor section over again, but backwards.  The same old
precautions apply.

When you get back to the line of conveyor belts at (10, 16), use the Turbo
Booster to get past them, taking the West branch this time.  It should take
three uses of Turbo boost to get through this part.

At the end of the corridor you'll find yourself in a large open area which is
your greatest challenge thus far.  There are slithers running all around, and
air mines around many of the corners to boot.  Also, unless you took a detour
to the supply room at the beginning of the level, you'll be very low on
ammunition now, so pick up the magazine that's waiting conveniently at (1, 25).
There's also a shield energy at the South end of this area, but I don't
recommend going for it since you'll be reaching a supply room soon anyway.
Follow the North wall to the elevator, eliminating any enemies that get in your
way.  On to level 10!

Level 10 [L10]
Walk out of the elevator, and you'll find a level map right there waiting for
you, and a supply room just beyond that.  If you check the map, you'll see that
this entire level is split into two halves, East and West.  Both offer a
perfectly viable route to the building's upper levels, so take whichever one
you prefer.  For now, though, this walkthrough will only cover the West route.
This is because the East route is longer, in my opinion harder, and if you take
it is possible to miss an important item... in short, it isn't the best route
for someone using a walkthrough.

So head West, and when the path forks, there's a shield energy to the South.
Proceed North, watching for the sluefoots and slithers all about.  There's an
ammo magazine at (2, 15).

At (10, 12) you reach a major fork in the road, with paths going to five
different elevators.  The northernmost elevator goes up to a room on the 11th
floor with a whopping four slithers, ammunition, shield energy, and a level
map.  The three elevators clumped together each go to a tiny room with one
item: the North one is a shield energy, the West one a turbo energy, and the
South one a magazine.  No chance of you leaving this area less than fully
stocked!  However, you really don't need more shields or ammunition right now
(trust me), so if you feel you can get by without a level 11 map, just go
East to the elevator at (14, 17) and onward to your goal.

Level 11 [L11]
Right from the start of this level, you get a free shield energy and ammunition
pack.  (See?  I told you didn't need more shield or ammunition!)  Proceed into
the corridor, and you'll come out into a room with a new enemy.

--- Bigfoot (HP: 6) [E09] ---
This is one tough cookie: he's only vulnerable from the sides, and takes six
shots to destroy!  Fortunately, he's not the most agressive motoid you have to
face, despite his ranged attack.  He has a tendency to stand in place and walk
in a circle, giving you a good opportunity to get free hits.  However, if he
decides to get up in your face, back off quickly.  And take care not to waste
shots on his front or back.

Once you've taken care of that behemoth, you'll notice a one-way door to the
South; this is where you would have come in had you taken the East route back
on level 10.  Anyway, go East to come into an empty room.  In the North area of
this room you'll find a supply room.  (Yeah, you really, really didn't need
more shield or ammunition back on level 10.)

Move East to the next room, with has another bigfoot, but also a new weapon!
Finally!  Destroy the bigfoot, pick up the big heat (I guess the developers
were Stan Ridgeway fans?  The Big Heat is a masterpiece of an album, by the
way, well worth getting if you love film noir, lots of synthesizers, a good
mixture of styles, and wry humor.  But moving on...) at (25, 25), and equip it.

IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT AMMUNITION: While weapons in Iron Angel of the Apocalypse
use a universal ammunition, each weapon carries its own supply.  This means
that from now, whenever you pick up ammunition, the rounds will go to whichever
weapon you have equipped at the time.

The corridor to the North has a slither, and leads to a room with a bigfoot.
From these two you should quickly learn that the big heat does double the
damage per shot that the runt gun does.  Those bigfoots aren't so tough now,
are they?

The North door is just another intersection with the East route from level 10,
so go out the West door, take out the slither, and use the elevator to go to
level 12.

Level 12 [L12]
Head north and you'll find an ammunition pack.  Watch out for the bigfoot and
slither.  Keep moving and you'll get a turbo energy at (1, 15).  Go West to
grab a shield energy.  Now turn to the corridor at (7, 15) and use the Turbo
Booster to get past the conveyor belt.  There'll be a bigfoot waiting for you
at the end.  Since the door in front of you is one-way, you'll have to turn
East, then go through the door on the South.  Walk down the conveyor belt,
taking care as there's another bigfoot waiting for you.

Head East, eliminating another bigfoot, and you'll eventually come to a level
map at (20, 27).  Now turn back, and when you again reach the fork at (13, 29),
go North this time.  As you proceed, there is shield energy and ammunition on
the branches to the East, but you'll hit a supply closet at (16, 9) before long
anyway.  There's a bigfoot, a slither, and an air mine in here, all of them
positioned such that they should be easy to deal with.

Now head East, into the corridor, where you'll get another transmission from
the android.  At the end of the corridor is a boss arena.

--- BOSS: Green Hawk (HP: 40) [E10] ---
In contrast to the last time, the android's advice for this boss is terrible.
Not only is using Turbo Boost here a bad idea, it is in fact best if you stand
in one spot as much as possible, moving only if the Green Hawk movies out of
range.  Above all, stay close to the center of the room, since the Green Hawk
tends to stick to the room's edges.  This boss takes 20 hits from your big heat
to destroy, and unlike the first one, he's vulnerable on all sides, so let 'er
rip as soon as you get him in your sights!

Just like with the first boss, the door to the South will open once it's
destroyed, you'll get a cutscene, and then you are instantly transported to
level 13.

Level 13 [L13]
Head directly North and you'll hit a tiny room with ammunition in it.  Before
you can pick it up, you'll get a transmission from the android with helpful
advice.  After picking up the magazine, there's a supply room at (20, 15) if
you feel the need.  Like the android says, just shoot the steel blinds; one
shot is enough to destroy it.

There are two elevators out of this level, and while both will get you through
the game, the Southeast route is considerably shorter, and therefore the one
I'm going to cover in this walkthrough.  So take the Southeast corridor, i.e.
the one at (18, 19), shooting out the steel blinds, and keep going until you
reach the elevator to level 14.  Yep, you just completed a level without having
to face a single enemy!

Level 14 [L14]
You'll immediately face a bigfoot.  Finish him.  This floor is completely
composed of 4x4 rooms linked by short corridors.  If you want the map for this
level, go West, West, North, North.  There is a supply room right next to the
map.  After that, retrace your steps to the room in which you started the

From the starting room, go North, pick up the shield energy, and go North again
to find a new enemy.  (Although if you took the route to grab the level map,
you've already met this one.)

--- Spearhead (HP: 6) [E11] ---
Though not exactly the same as a snakehead, the same strategy applies.  Three
shots from the big heat is enough to take care of one.

In the corridor to the North of this room is another new enemy.

--- Cobra (HP: 4) [E12] ---
These guys are quite mobile, but easy to hit, and only two shots from the big
heat destroys one.  Get rid of them quickly and they won't give you trouble.

Still heading North, you'll find a room with ammunition and the elevator to
level 15 (27, 3).

Level 15 [L15]
Move down the corridor, and you'll enter a big long room with a supply room
right there.  Head all the way to the southern end of the room, taking out the
cobra along the way and hugging the East wall to avoid the spearheads.  At that
Southernmost point you'll find a map (30, 30), which shows there are four
corridors along the room's West side.  Due to one-way doors and a push block,
the only one which will get you where you're going is the third from North, at
(27, 25).  Follow it to the end, taking out the three cobras along the way.

Now turn South, and when you reach the fork at (6, 30), go West.  You'll enter
a long corridor with only a cobra to worry about, followed by a room holding a
spearhead and the elevator to level 16.

Level 16 [L16]
Head South, and you'll soon hit a supply room to the East, at (1, 9).  Resume
going South, and the android will contact you to let you know you're gonna have
to go back down to level 14.  Go through the door and you'll enter the main
room of this level.  There are lots of cobras and bigfoots around here, so be

Head East, taking the first North turn for an ammunition pack, and the second
North turn (12, 13) for a corridor towards your destination.  Watch out for the
cobra lurking in there.  You'll come out in a room with an elevator back down
to level 15.

Quest for the Radar [L1415]
Head down the long corridor, taking out the spearhead and cobra along the way,
and you'll eventually reach an elevator to level 14.  Go down.

Head down another corridor, going into a room with a shield energy.  Now, go
through the door to the South; the doors to the East and West are both one-way,
so if you go through one of them you'll have to start all over!  In the next
room you'll find the radar (19, 21).  It appears on the lower right corner of
your HUD.  (The three other doors into this room are all one-way, so this
circuitous route was the only way to get the radar.)

Head back North to the room where you got the shield energy.  Try to go North
again, though, and you'll find the door through which you entered this room is
also one-way.  So yep, you have to go through the main part of level 15 all
over again.  Head East, then North to reach the elevator to level 15, then do
everything in [L15] over again.

(By this point you may be wondering if the radar is really necessary.  While I
can't say for sure if that's the case, having never played through without
getting the radar, let me assure you that it is well-worth it.  There is more
than one section in the remainder of the game which you will find very
difficult without a radar, so skipping it is definitely a bad idea.)

Level 16 Revisited [L16B]
Once again, head south, stopping by the supply room if you need it.  This time,
when you enter the main room, head East as far you can.  Keep an eye on your
radar to make sure an enemy doesn't catch you off-guard.  Go all the way South.
Turn to the West and you'll immediately see the level map (13, 21).  Now go all
the way East and pick up the ammunition pack.  Go North, through the spearhead,
and head all the way East again, the the East end of the level.

Now head North.  When the path branches, you can go West to get an ammunition
pack at (21, 13), or North to advance.  You'll see a corridor on the West which
is blocked by a spearhead; ignore it for now, and go Northeast to get the
Shield 1 at (29, 2).  Yep, that really did just double your maximum shield
energy permanently!  Now head back to that corridor on the West, at (24, 7) if
you've forgotten, and get rid of that spearhead.  The corridor leads to the
elevator going to level 17.

Level 17 [L17]
First, head East, as the next chamber over holds a supply room.  Once you've
made use of it, head back and shoot the grating to the South.  At the end of
the corridor, you'll see there's the level map already!

Keep an eye on your radar, as this level is just lousy with cobras.  The moment
a cobra comes onto your radar, deal with it before it can do you damage.
There's a few spearheads hanging around too, just to keep things interesting.
As far as directions, there's no point in giving a step-by-step walkthrough for
the rest of the level; simply refer to the level map and take the shortest
route to the elevator.  The only side trip worth taking is the big room in the
Southwest corner of the level.  The Southeast corner of the room (6, 30)
contains a new weapon, the Gatling Gun.

Unlike the Big Heat, the Gatling Gun is not an unqualified upgrade over its
predecessor.  In fact, it deals the same amount of damage per round as the old
Runt Gun.  On the plus side, it holds a whopping 150 rounds and can fire
continuously (think the chain gun from Wolfenstein 3D or Doom).  So feel free
to use either the Big Heat or Gatling Gun as seems appropriate in each

If you didn't get the shield upgrade on the previous floor, it will appear just
before the elevator, at (5, 1).  Otherwise, head on up to level 18.

Level 18 [L18]
You start in a room with a shield energy.  Head on out into the corridor, where
you'll confront a bigfoot, and later a cobra.  Fighting a bigfoot in a corridor
is awkward, so just try to stay back until he starts doing his turn, then let
him have it with all you've got.  At (1, 21), the eagle-eyed should spot a
corridor branching to the West, blocked off by a grating.  This is where you
want to go.  The path to the South leads to a shield energy and ammunition
pack, but there's another bigfoot guarding the way, and you're going to hit a
supply closet in a minute anyway.

Once you shoot through the grating to the West... well, it's been a long time
since we've had a new enemy to deal with, hasn't it?

--- Jaws (HP: 8) [E13] ---
With the possible exception of one of the bosses, this is the most nightmarish
enemy you'll face in this game.  It is invulnerable to all attacks except for
the split second that its gates are fully open, and takes an unbelievable eight
hits from a Gatling Gun to destroy.  As if that weren't enough, due to
slowdown, shots fired at the right time are still liable to miss!  In addition,
while jaws stand still for most of the time you fight one, it will sometimes
advance on you, and given how long it takes to destroy it, you can run out of
room quick.  And if you're in range when those gates close, you lose a TON of
shield energy.

So, what's the solution?  First of all, don't make the mistake I did on my
first playthrough, which was sticking with the Gatling Gun.  The Big Heat will
destroy a jaws in four hits, so switch to that.  Second, use hit-and-run
techniques.  Approach the jaws, wait until its gates open, fire like crazy,
then immediately back off, whether or not your hit found its mark.  Rinse and
repeat, and the jaws will eventually go down.

After dealing with jaws, you'll hit a fork in the path.  Go South to visit the
supply room there.  Then head back North, taking out the cobra on the way.  The
next chamber has the level map, but it patrolled by a jaws.  If possible, keep
your back to the corridor before engaging it so that you have somewhere to
retreat to; jaws are an absolute terror in confined spaces.

Once you've picked up the map, head East.  The corridor holds another cobra.
Proceed to the next room, which holds another jaws.  Again, keep your back to
the corridor.  Once it's destroyed, take the North path, as it leads to an
unguarded shield energy.  Then go back to the South path, where there's another
jaws, and move on to the next room, hosted by yet another jaws!  Once you've
done with him, you should be very low on ammunition, and possibly shields as
well, so grab the ammunition pack from this room and head West to the next one,
which holds a whopping three shield energies and three ammunition packs!  On
the way, you'll pass doors on the North and South, but both are impassable for

Once you've filled up on shields and ammunition, proceed North.  This corridor
is extremely long, but rest assured that it's empty, and there's nothing to
drain your newly replenished shields and ammunition before you meet the boss.

--- BOSS: Will-o'-the-wisp (HP: 20) [E14] ---
This boss teleports around the room, occasionally firing an electrical beam
which, in addition to the usual shield damage, shorts out all your systems so
that you can't move or fire for a few seconds.  The key is to check your radar
every time the Will-o'-the-wisp teleports, so you'll always know his location.
Just turn to wherever he is at the moment and fire away.  Surprisingly, the
Will-o'-the-wisp isn't nearly as durable as the first two bosses; it takes only
ten shots of the Big Heat to destroy it (or 20 shots of the Gatling Gun, if you

If you're still having trouble, try standing with your back to the North wall.
Why?  Because with your back to a wall, the whole room can be surveyed with
only 180 degrees of rotation, whereas from any other spot of the room, it takes
360 degrees.  In other words, with your back to a wall, you won't need to turn
as much to keep the Will-o'-the-wisp in your sights.

Once that's over, exit the boss arena to the South and keep going South.  Hey,
isn't the door ahead of you locked?  Yes, it is, but just keep going and you'll
soon be treated to a surprisingly cheesy cutscene, after which you'll find
yourself on level 19.

Level 19 [L19]
First, head North towards the level map.  You'll be stopped for a transmission
from the android explaining why he didn't provide you with tips for the
previous boss.  Once you've got the map, you'll see there's an elevator just
North of you, but forget it for now, as there's a one-way door preventing you
from accessing it.  With that possibility eliminated, there are still two
routes through this level: one to the East, one to the West.  The two paths are
simply mirror images of each other as far as this level goes, even having the
exact same set of enemies, but taking the East route will save you some walking
when you get to level 20.  This walkthrough will follow the East route, but if
you take the West route you can just follow the same directions with East/West
swapped until you reach level 20.

Anyway, at the end of East corridor is an empty room.  Head North, stopping at
the supply room along the way, and you'll come across a new enemy.

--- Pinwheel (HP: 6) [E15] ---
For some reason, these guys aren't listed in the manual, so I had to make up
the name.  They're almost as harmless as their namesake, since they move
slowly, can't attack at range, and like scorpions and air mines they simply
follow a predefined track.  Interestingly, their attack has the same effect as
the Will-o'-the-Wisp's, but simply keep your distance and that won't be an
issue.  Six shots from a Gatling Gun is enough to finish one.

Move on, past another pinwheel and into a room which at first glance looks
empty.  Look carefully and you'll spot a laser turrent on the wall; it's just a
bit bigger than a wallet.  These aren't strictly enemies, so they don't show up
on your radar, but if you walk into their line of fire they will shoot you.  It
takes four shots from your Gatling Gun to destroy one, and that's ammunition
well spent.

Move into the final room and you'll find - ugh - a jaws waiting for you.  As
always, keep your back to the corridor.  Finish him, then pick up the shield
energy and ammunition pack in the room and take the elevator to level 20.

Level 20 [L20]
You'll start in a room with a new obstacle, land mines.  A transmission from
the android advises you that "step on one and it's all over."  This is a gross
exaggeration, but no reason to walk on one when you can easily go around it,
right?  Be advised that you can actually step on the edge of a mine without
being harmed; to set a mine off you have to walk over it dead center.

Head North, taking out the laser turrent on the East wall, and you'll find an
ammunition pack at (23, 1).  Turn back South and take the first turn East, then
go North to pick up a shield energy (28, 1) and the level map (30, 1).  Now
head South as far you can, taking out the pinwheel on the way.  Turn East and
you'll see a door at (27, 16).  This is a one-way door, but yes, we do want to
go through it.

You'll enter a narrow corridor.  Watch out when it opens up into a broader
path, because there's a jaws waiting around the corner.  Get rid of him and
you'll soon find yourself in an area with a supply room and the elevator to
level 21.

Level 21 [L21]
Move to the North side of this chamber before proceeding West.  You'll soon see
why: there's a laser turrent covering the South side of the chamber.  Beware
also the turrent on the East wall as you go North, then immediately turn West
again.  At (8, 15) the path branches, with ammunition to the North, shield
energy to the South, and a pinwheel on patrol.  There are also laser turrents
covering every square inch of this area, so be careful.

When you hit the fork in the path at (4, 15), turn North, and you'll find what
appears to be a dead end.  Just walk against the wall, though, and it will fall
back, revealing a hidden passage to the West.  At the end of the passage you'll
find a room with a jaws.  Don't fret, though, because what he's guarding is
worth it.  Destroy him and pick up your latest weapon, the Bazooka!  The
Bazooka does three times as much damage per round as the Gatling Gun and Runt
Gun and holds only 50 rounds, so save it for tougher enemies like jaws and
bosses.  For instance, a laser turrent takes two hits from either the Big Heat
or the Bazooka, so the extra power is wasted there.

Now retrace your steps to the elevator... we're going back down.

Level 20 Revisited [L20b]
Now, head West, since back East is that one-way door.  You'll encounter another
jaws, which you can now take care of in just three hits using your Bazooka.
Proceed through the door, which is another one-way door, not that it matters.
Turn South when you reach the wall at (1, 16), entering a corridor with a
pinwheel on patrol.  Eventually you'll hit yet another one-way door which is
headed the right way.  Go through it, and be prepared to face another jaws.
Once past him, you'll spot an elevator along the South wall, at (16, 29).  Back
up to level 21.

Level 21 Revisited [L21b]
Right to the North is a supply room, so stock up.  If you can do without the
level map, skip to the next paragraph.  Otherwise, head West as far as you can.
The westmost chamber holds a jaws.  Once he's down, open the door to the North
and take the map.  Then retrace your steps to the chamber with the elevator.

Leave through the East door and keep going East until you hit a wall.  Now go
all the way to the Northern end of the level.  Along the way you'll regularly
encounter laser turrents along the East wall (never the West) and pinwheels.
You can take the West branch for an ammunition magazine at (23, 20), but
there's a jaws and a bunch of land mines in the way, so it's really not worth
it.  Just keep going North, and you'll find a shield energy at (29, 1).

Watch out now, as the rest of the level has a fair amount of laser turrents.
Grab the ammunition packs at (23, 1) and (24, 12), plus the shield energy at
(19, 9), and proceed onto the elevator up to level 22.

Level 22 [L22]
Head up the crooked passageway, keeping an eye out for a laser turrent to the
North.  Blast it to bits with your Gating Gun and grab the shield energy right
next to it.  As you go to pick up the ammunition pack nearby, watch for another
laster turrent to the East.

Turning South now, you'll see a steel grating at (29, 8) with a jaws just
beyond it.  Destroy them both, of course.  Keep going South, getting a shield
energy along the way, and you'll hit an open area with another jaws.  After
destroying it, you can find an ammunition pack at the South part of the area.

Here directions become more tricky, since this level is rather amorphous, and
which route you take depends heavily on how short you are on ammunition or
shields at any given moment.  Thus, I think it's best if I guide you to where
the level map is, give you the coordinates of all this level's many shield and
ammunition refills (you need 'em, 'cause this level is loaded with jaws and
diabolically-placed laser turrents), and leave you to chart your own course to
the elevator as you see fit.  This level felt like a nightmare to me on my
first playthrough, but if you know where everything is and take things easy,
it's not that bad at all.

First, keep going South, until you reach (28, 26).  Go West until you hit a
wall, then South, then West again.  Keep heading West until you hit the wall at
(13, 28).  Now go South; the level map is just around the corner.

Now that you can see where to go to reach the elevator (and the supply room, if
you so choose), here's a listing of all the ammunition packs and shield
energies that I didn't already cover in the first two paragraphs:

(16, 27) - shield energy
(19, 26) - ammunition
(22, 30) - ammunition
(27, 29) - shield energy
(23, 25) - shield energy
(25, 17) - ammunition
(22, 18) - ammunition
(14, 21) - shield energy and ammunition
(17, 15) - shield energy and ammunition
(2, 9) - shield energy
(7, 20) - shield energy
(8, 21) - ammunition
(2, 22) - ammunition

The elevator goes up to level 23.

Level 23 [L23]
You'll start off in an area with no threats, so collect the shield energy at
(2, 30) and the ammunition at (2, 23) at your leisure.  As you move East of the
ammunition, you may find yourself being shot even though there's nothing in
sight.  You've just met your latest enemy.

--- Cutthroat (HP: 8) [E16] ---
These guys have a radar just like yours and can even shoot through walls with a
debilitating beam like the one the Will-o'-the-wisp uses.  They can take just
as much damage as a jaws, and forunately they're vulnerable from all sides and
at all times, so as soon as you see one, give it everything your Bazooka's got.

This particular cutthroat is lurking beyond the grating at (6, 21).  Once
you've gotten rid of it, go North for a shield energy.  Turn Northwest and
you'll immediately see a niche with an ammunition magazine.  As soon as you've
got it, go around the nearby land mine to its North side - because if you face
North, you'll see there was a laser turrent waiting for you.  Blast it, then
proceed to the supply room just to the West of where it was.

Now resume heading North, but when you see the grating at (6, 9), don't go for
it yet!  There's a laser turrent on the wall to the East.  Once you've taken
care of it, you may resume.  Deal with the cutthroat waiting for you, and the
laser turrent on the North wall.  This turrent marks a fork in the path; go
West for a magazine, watching out for the turrent on the West wall.  Then take
the East path to the (unguarded) level map.

Retrace your steps to (6, 21) and head East.  The chamber with the
staircase-shaped top has a laser turrent on the East wall.  The dead end path
to the south is patroled by a pinwheel, but holds both a shield energy and
ammunition.  Shoot the steel grating at (15, 21) and take out the cutthroat
just beyond.  The dead ends to the North contain still more shield energy and
ammunition should you need them.

Proceed down the wiggly Southeast path, and you'll get a magazine at (24, 28).
Immediately North of it is a steel grating; blast through it and keep going.  A
pinwheel patrols the main stretch of hallway.  When you near the branch at
(26, 14), watch out: there's both a cutthroat and a laser turrent on the North
wall.  Take them out, turn West to grab the ammunition there, then blast
through the grating.  As soon as you step past the grating, stop, turn West and
shoot the laser turrent on the wall.  Now take one more step North, then
side-step to the East so that the turrent on the North wall won't get you.

After that, you're home free to enter the supply closet and take the elevator
up to level 24.  (Unless, of course, you're clumsy enough to step on the land

Level 24 [L24]
A cutthroat will attack you right as you get off the elevator.  How cruel.  Get
rid of it and go all the way West.  Now head South, but proceed around the
corner carefully, as there's a laser turrent awaiting you there.  But now I'm
going to throw you a curve: rather than keep going South, turn East, destroying
two laser turrents in plain sight on the North and South walls, and you can
grab an easy shield energy at (30, 9).  Now head back to the corner at (23, 8)
and go South, taking care as there's a cutthroat.

AT (21, 15) you'll get a magazine.  Now face North and take out the laser
turrent, then head East.  After dealing with another couple turrents, you'll
get ammunition at (30, 14).  Now go South, taking out the cutthroat and laser
turrent at the end of the path.  Round the corner at (29, 21) and keep going
South.  Take out two more turrents and get the ammunition at (30, 26).  Just to
the South of this is the level map.  Huzzah!

Now you can see where the supply room is, so head there; there are laser
turrents and a cutthroat in your way, but nothing surprising about their
placement.  If you're desperately low on shields, there's a shield energy at
(23, 30).

Once you're done in the supply room, head West and you'll find your way blocked
by indestructable metal bars.  Fortunately, right next to it is the control
mechanism, and while you don't know to work it, one shot from any weapon will
blow it up, and the bars will then open.  Keep going and you'll reach a door.
You'll see on your radar that there's an enemy in the room beyond.  A new

--- Assassin (HP: ?) [E17] ---
These guys fly around erratically, fire ranged shots, and will kamikaze if you
come too close, taking away a significant chunk of shields.  According to the
manual, "The best way to eliminate it is by surprise attack."  However, I've
done extensive fiddling around with these guys, and so far as I can tell
they're invulnerable to all weapons, at every point, at every time.  So your
only choice is to get close to them as quickly as possible, using Turbo Boost
if necessary, causing them to self-destruct.

After the assassin is destroyed, you'll find your way North is blocked by more
indestructable bars.  The control mechanism is in the little passage to the
East.  Head North, and you'll find the next two rooms are exactly the same.
Don't worry about the damage you take when the assassins go kamikaze; you'll
soon be getting another refill.

The long corridor after the three rooms is empty, and leads to a room with
three shield energies and three magazines.  You'll have to watch a cutscene
before you can stock up.  If you have any interest in the story, I advise you
to watch this cutscene very carefully, as it's not nearly as direct as previous
cutscenes.  Once you're full on shields and ammunition, head into the elevator.
It doesn't go to level 25, though, but to levels 19-23.  Don't waste your time
with levels 20-23, either, as this elevator only goes to a tiny empty room on
each level.  So yep, you have to go all the way back to level 19.

Level 19 Revisited [L19B]
Remember that section of this level blocked off by a one-way door?  This is it.
Head South and you'll reach the boss arena (admit it, you were wondering why
there wasn't one on level 24).

--- BOSS: Scout (HP: n/a) [E18] ---
In my description of jaws, I mentioned "the possible exception of one of the
bosses".  This is that boss.  Land mines pepper the arena, and the Scout
itself is invulnerable to all weapons fire.  But don't worry, you'll have
plenty to shoot at... every wall is lined with laser turrents.  The only way to
destroy the Scout is by luring it over the land mines.  They're the only thing
which can damage it, and fortunately, unlike land mines everywhere else in the
game, these ones don't go away when they explode.

But first things first.  You can't be leading the Scout around the room when
you've got laser turrents firing on you, so you'll need to lose the boss in
order to deal with them separately.  If you haven't noticed yet, the AI only
tracks enemies which are within your visual range; once they fall outside that
range, they come to a stop and stay that way until they fall back in range.  So
get away from the Scout as fast as possible, using the turbo booster.  You'll
probably take some hits from the turrents while doing this, but it can't be
helped, and if you do the rest of the boss fight carefully you won't take on
any more damage.  Once the Scout has stopped pursuing you, make a circle of the
room, destroying the laser turrents one-by-one.

Now you can concentrate on luring the Scout over the land mines.  It will
generally move towards you in a straight line, but it can do more devious
movements.  Luckily it rarely uses its ranged attack, but take this part of the
fight slowly.  Remember, you can always back out of visual range to make the
Scout come to a stop, so there's no need to rush things or take unnecessary
risks.  Use the turbo booster if you need some extra agility.  You have to make
the Scout run over land mines ten times, so expect this fight to take awhile.

If you feel like giving up, take heart; after this, the rest of the game is
comparitively a breeze!

A lot of people get stuck at this part of the game, including myself.  You're
probably thinking, do I really need to go through levels 19-24 all over again?
Fortunately, the answer to that is no, and progressing is a lot simpler than
you'd think.  Just leave the boss arena through the door to the South, and keep
going South until you get a cutscene.  The doors in your way look like they're
locked, but they'll open for you.  Once the cutscene is done, you'll be on
level 25!

Level 25 [L25]
Head North, into a chamber with a supply room.  You'll notice a green spot on
the floor; this is a teleporter.  After filling up in the supply room, step on
it, and you'll be taken to (6, 2).  Ignore the teleporter which lies behind
you (it just teleports you back the way you came) and head out this room's only
exit.  The next chamber holds a new enemy.

--- Hunter Missile (HP: 7) [E19] ---
Like pinwheels, they're not listed in the manual, so I had to make up the name.
Unlike pinwheels, these guys move around freely and have a ranged attack.  Deal
with them as you would a cutthroat.

Stay inside the corridor as you shoot down the missile.  Once that's done, run
into the room so you don't get shot by the laser turrent which is aiming
perpendicular to the entrance.  Head into the next room, which has another
teleporter.  Step on it to be taken to (9, 14).

Once again, head out the room's only exit.  Watch out, as there's a laser
turrent hiding around the corner in the corridor.  The next room is empty save
for the level map, so grab that and move on into another corridor with a laser
turrent hiding in it.  The next room has another hunter missile and two
turrents, but there's shield energy and ammunition to heal you up.  The next
corridor has two more laser turrents, and leads into a room with yet another
hunter missile.  Blessedly, the next corridor and chamber are both empty, save
for the teleporter to (28, 2).

Grab the nearby ammunition.  Once again, ignore the backwards teleporter and
head out the room's only exit.  In the corridor are two more of those laser
turrents positioned so that you have to take at least one hit from them.
(Pretty dumb design, but at least they're the exception rather than the rule.)
In the next chamber is a shield energy, but don't get overeager - there are two
more turrents lurking in here.  In the next chamber, run through the entrance
before the turrent can shoot you, eliminate the hunter missile, and pick up the
ammunition before moving on.

The last room is empty save the shield energy.  Grab it and head up to level

Levels 26 and 27 [L26]
These two levels are one big teleporter maze, mostly consisting of little 3x3
rooms, each containing a teleporter that goes "forward" and a teleporter that
takes you back to the beginning of the level.  To start with, though, you're in
a long chamber with a hunter missile, a supply room, a teleporter, and two
elevators going up and down.  The teleporter leads you on a course to the level
map, but a map is really useless for this level, since you're navigating by
teleportation rather than walking, so I advise you to ignore it and take the
elevator up to level 27 instead.

You enter level 27 in one of those little 3x3 rooms, but only one teleporter,
so step on it.  It'll take you to (26, 26).  Before you move from that spot,
eliminate the turrents to the Northeast and Southeast.  Then step on the
teleporter to the East, taking you to (6, 7).  Shoot the turrent to the
Northwest and step on the teleporter to the North, and you'll be at (7, 22).
Shoot the turrent to the Northwest, grab the ammunition pack, and step on the
teleporter to the Northeast.

You're now at (24, 9).  Shoot the turrent to the Northeast, take the level map,
and go through the teleporter to arrive at (2, 27).  If you want to visit a
supply room, take the available teleporter; it will take you to a chamber with
a supply room and a teleporter back to (2, 27).  Otherwise, just get on the
elevator back down to level 26.

You're now in another long chamber with a hunter missile, a teleporter, and two
elevators going up and down.  (No supply room, though.)  This time, it's the
teleporter you want to take.  The elevator ultimately leads to a second shield
upgrade, but it's a rather long way, and you'll get the second shield upgrade
before long anyway.  The teleporter takes you to (29, 22).

Destroy the turrent to the Northwest and take the teleporter to (23, 15).  Get
Rid of the turrents and take the Southeast teleporter to (2, 22).  Grab the
ammunition, destroy the turrent, take the teleporter to (6, 2).  Once again,
destroy the turrent and step on the teleporter.  You're now at (28, 9), where
you can grab a shield energy before destroying the turrent and stepping on the
teleporter.  At (6, 10), destroy the turrent and step on the teleporter.  At
(23, 21), you want the teleporter to the West.  At (8, 21), get the ammunition
before going for the teleporter.

At (10, 15) it's the usual deal.  At (2, 5), you want the East teleporter.  At
(29, 2), get the ammunition, but get yourself ready before stepping on the
teleporter, because it lands you right in front of a hunter missile.  Once it's
done, make sure not to step on the teleporter to the southeeast; get the shield
energy and go through the door to the North.  Beyond it is the elevator up to
level 27.  Once you go up, you'll be in a chamber with the elevator up to level

Level 28 [L28]
As soon as you step off the elevator, you'll see the level map and a supply
room.  There are six corridors leading out of this chamber; take the one on the
Northwest.  There are two more of those you-must-take-a-hit turrents in the
corridor.  Take the teleporter at the end of it.  Once you've landed at
(13, 29), go East.  You'll find a chamber with a shield energy, but don't get
overeager; take care of the turrents aimed at the entrance before you step
inside.  Then you can get the shield energy and step on the teleporter.

You're now at (27, 29).  Get the ammunition and go through the door into a long
corridor.  You'll eventually encounter a psychadelic moving wall; shoot it
before it can touch you.  The corridor leads to a room with a shield energy and
the elevator to level 29.  Now, wasn't that a quick and easy floor?

Level 29 [L29]
You can't miss the two shield energies right off the bat.  Head West into the
corridor, and you'll come out in a long chamber populated with three hunter
missiles and lined with niches containing laser turrents along the West wall.
Before stepping inside, shoot the two psychadelic walls at the North end of the
chamber so that they don't give you grief later on.  There's also a shield
energy and ammunition pack in this room (you'll see them) and two teleporters
on the South end.  Both will teleport you to (2, 2).

You now have a supply room right at hand, so make use of it.  Then proceed
South, but ignore the two teleporters on the South end, taking a turn East
instead.  As you turn the corner, you'll come upon an area with laser turrents
all over the South and West walls, plus two hunter missiles.  Take this area
slowly, shooting down enemies as soon as you get them within range, and you
should be fine.  At (13, 17) this area comes to an end, and you're confronted
with a ridiculously easy push block puzzle.  Well, ridiculously easy if you
know where the blocks are, at least.  Here's a map of the chamber:

 ---M           - = empty space
 ----           P = push block
 ----           M = level map
>P-P-           > = entrance
>PP-P           X = exit

There you go.  If I hear enough people saying that they still can't figure it
out, I'll add a step-by-step guide, but really, the puzzle is designed such
that it's hard to screw it up.  So if you're at a loss, try just pushing
whatever blocks you can until you hit on the solution.  Oh, and you push blocks
by stepping up to them and pressing B.

Once you're through there, you come out to a nice safe room with a shield
energy and a magazine.  From looking at your level map, you'll see that this
room also branches out to five elevators.  The two to the East are wild goose
chases.  The one on the South (i.e.inside the room) goes to the final boss.
The ones to the West go to a supply room, with no enemies along the way.  If
you're ready for it you can just go right to the final boss, but it's not a bad
idea to stop by the supply room.  It's a bit of a hike, but it is a danger-free
hike, and I think what they did with the textures in that section is incredibly
cool.  Either way, once you step on the elevator you'll be up on level 30.

Level 30 [L30]
Go North into a chamber with an invisible wall puzzle.  Unfortunately, these
invisible walls actually do you damage, albeit just a tiny sliver per hit.  So
here's your step-by-step guide:

First off, I recommend that you move through this puzzle by strafing, keeping
your eyes on the wall opposite you.  This makes it much easier to gauge how
many spaces you're moving.  Now, start by stepping into the chamber, at
(16, 25).  Step East, so you're up against the East wall.  Now go two spaces
North, then one space West.  You should now be at (16, 23).  Next, go one space
North, then step East, up against the East wall.  Go one more space North, then
go all the way to the West wall.  Turn South and pick up your second shield
uprgrade!  Then go three spaces North.  Then go all the way to the East wall.
Go one more space North.  Finally, go one space West and then North to the exit

To the north is another door, leading into the arena for the final boss.

--- BOSS: Tadpole (HP: 20) [E20] ---
I find it hard to imagine anyone who's made it this far having trouble with
this boss, but for completeness's sake I did some testing, and it seems he's at
his most dangerous at close range.  His attacks seem to come more frequently
when he's up in your grill, and he has an additional short range attack that's
reasonably damaging.  However, more important than keeping your distance is
having your bazooka equipped.  That weapon can reduce the Tadpole to bare atoms
in just seven hits, so this fight should be over in a matter of seconds.

Once that's done, head North into the laboratory where your maker is waiting.
Enjoy the ending!

4.After You Finish Level 30 [A01]
Yes, I lied in section [L30].  I did this not to deceive you, but to avoid
spoilers.  I was really expecting the game to end with the confrontation on
level 30, and I don't want to ruin that surprise for anyone else.

Back to the walkthrough: Don't be dismayed that you're all the way back at
level 1.  Look around and you'll see you're in a chamber with a supply room,
an elevator that goes all the way to level 25, and the ultimate weapon, the
laser!  Boy, did the original Tetsujin knock you down the wrong shaft, or what?

The laser does the same amount of damage as the bazooka, but has continuous
fire and a whopping 200 rounds.  Equip it, and don't bother with any other
weapon from now on.  Once you've used the supply room, take the elevator up to
level 25.  (Levels 2-24 are just tiny empty sections.)

Once off the elevator, you'll get a level map for this section of level 25, and
then step into a boss arena.  This is just the beginning of a good
old-fashioned boss reprise section, running through the first five bosses.  The
only refills you get are an occasional shield energy and magazine.  On the
upside, you can use the same strategies with these bosses as you used before,
and most of them will be a lot easier now that you've got the laser.  An
unfortunate exception to this is, you guessed it, the Scout.  That little
pain-in-the-butt is just as immune to the laser as it is to all your other
weapons.  The one thing you may be able to do differently is take out the
turrents more quickly using the laser, so that you can deal with them straight
away instead of getting outside the Scout's range first.

On level 29, i.e. the one with the rematch against the Tadpole, the exit to the
boss arena is on the West wall instead of the South wall as usual.  On level
30, instead of another boss, you'll find tons of shield energy and ammunition,
which you certainly must need by now.  Collect it all, and go up to level 31 -
yes, level 31, which is the tower roof.  You'll get a few more shield energies
and magazines, then there's a long corridor ending at a helipad.  Prepare
yourself before stepping outside; you'll get a brief cutscene, and then it's
boss fighting time.

--- BOSS: Tetsujin Mark 1 (HP: 100) [E21] ---
This battle has a suitably climactic feel to it, and Tetsujin Mark 1 has more
than twice as much HP as any other boss, but you don't really have to deal with
anything new here.  So if you're having trouble with this boss, I'd say it's
most likely either bad luck, or you're overthinking things.  First off, as
suggested in the cutscene on level 30, Tetsujin Mark 1 is invulnerable to all
weapons save the laser, so if for some crazy reason you don't already have it
equipped, do so.  Beyond that, all you need is the same strategy used for the
Will-o'-the-wisp: Stay right where you are, keep an eye on your radar for the
boss's location, and rotate towards him to let fly with the ol' death rays.
His attacks are nasty, but you in turn can whip through his HP supply very
quickly with your laser.

For emphasis, I restate: Don't waste your time trying to dodge or otherwise
moving around the arena.  Mobility is not your character's strong point, and
wherever the boss is, you can shoot him from the spot you start the battle at.

And that is really and truly the final challenge.  Enjoy the ending, and feel
free to send me your comments and constructive criticism on this walkthrough!

6. Thanks and Due Credit [T01]
Thanks to the good folks at the 3DO Zero Forums (www.3do.cdinteractive.co.uk/)
for telling me to go ahead with this walkthrough.  I wouldn't have done it
without their encouragement.

Thanks also to Synergy for developing and publishing the obscure little gem
which this walkthrough serves as a guide for.  Obviously, there'd be no point
to this walkthrough without it!

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