Actor: Comm Op 1Anthony Pinson
Actor: Commander CraneWill Marchetti
Actor: Daniel BartonKenneth Warne
Actor: Dr. LawrenceDavid Hodges
Actor: Lieutenant AlomarGeorge Castillo
Actor: Lieutenant ChangMelodie Soe
Actor: Lieutenant HouserCintra Wilson
Actor: Lieutenant Major EasonSteven Anthony Jones
Actor: Lieutenant ScottMichael Wright
Actor: Major StewartMarcia Pizzo
Art Direction / Computer GraphicsBob Rossman
Art Direction / Computer GraphicsDon Woo
Audio DirectorMurray Allen
Computer GraphicsErik Holden
Computer GraphicsJeff Jacka
Computer GraphicsPeter Traugot
Computer Graphics / Game EditorStig Smith
Game Design / Art Direction / ScriptDavid Pettigrew
Game Design / ScriptCharles Austen
Lead Designer / Game Design / ScriptMichael Becker
Media ProductionEric Kornblum
Media ProductionJerry Newton
Media ProductionMike Sweeney
Music / SoundTony Berkeley
Music / SoundMarc Farley
Music / SoundDon Veca
Original Game ConceptMichael Becker
Original Game ConceptStewart J. Bonn
Original Game ConceptDavid Pettigrew
ProducerStewart J. Bonn
Project DirectorKelly Pope
Script / DirectorRoy Anthony Cox
Software Design / Game Design / Software EngineeringPhillipe Tarbouriech
Software EngineeringEric Baldeschwieler
Software EngineeringLaurent Benes
Tool SupportLou Giacalone
Tool SupportJohn Knight
Voice: ICEKristina Holland
Voice: Lieutenant AlomarSteve Garland
Voice: Lieutenant ScottRob Keefe


Data and credits for this game contributed by Arguro, odino, Blueberry Buttface, Mookiethebold, and AGH!.

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