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Reviewed: 07/20/04

Kick Some Asphalt in Road Rash for the 32-bit 3DO

Road Rash has always been a great game, since the days of being chased by Officer O'Rourke and bashing Natasha's pretty little head in on the Genesis, to the exciting cinematic masterpiece that took place on the 3DO Multimedia System. Road Rash has come a long way from the Genesis days, as the 3DO version looks excellent. The game is packed with detailed textures in the scenery, and the sense of barreling down the highway at top speed on your bike has never felt so good. The game is short, which definitely sucks, because this is a fantastic joyride that you just want to go on forever. The brilliant full motion video cutscenes are great, and the cool music videos included on the disc are an extra bonus. The soundtrack is simply phenomenal with one of my favorite bands, Soundgarden, being featured on it!! Anyway, Road Rash is one hell of a game, and stands out as one of the best the 3DO has to offer.

(gameplay - 9)
Controlling your motorcycle with the 3DO controller is very easy to do. One button accelerates, another brakes, and yet another throws vicious punches or kicks depending on whether you press up or down plus the button. One of the best things is that when you hit an object at a relatively *safe* speed, you don't crash or wipeout, but instead slow down. So that means if you accidentally brush up against a tree you won't go flying head over heels unless you're really flying down the road. Collision detection is excellent as well, you won't have to worry about slamming into objects from afar like some 3DO games... *cough* Shockwave *cough*... So moving on, the gameplay in Road Rash is very good, with precise steering and handling thanks to the d-pad, and easy to learn button schematics thanks to the 3-button controller.

(story - 6)
You're out to win cash awards in a rough and tough motorcycle race/brawl. You must be tough because your opponents come at you with chains and clubs looking to knock you out. You can steal their weapons and return the favor which is pretty cool. Anyway the point of the game is to finish first in as many races as possible to earn cash to buy newer, faster bikes.

(graphics - 8, sound - 10)
The graphics in this game are very good. Lots of detail is included in the background scenery and buildings, most of the objects on the side of the road, like trees and road signs are scaled cels/sprites, and the buildings, such as houses and barns look like they are texture-mapped polygons. Pull up real close to a house and you'll see some pixelation, but only if you get close and slow down a whole lot. The road looks great, as do the tunnels, and your racer, albeit small, is pretty nicely animated as are the other racers. The soundtrack is the high point of the game, with some really great tunes to listen to. The sound effects are good with separate voices for the male and female characters, and the motorcycle engine sounds very realistic. The punches and kicks all sound good, as does the police siren, which kind of seems like it uses the Dolby Pro-Logic Surround Sound System to make it seem like the cop is really behind you. Awesome effects.

(replayability - 7)
The game features a handful of tracks, which really hurts the replay value. The game is very short, and besides the fact that you can choose from several different people who each have their own personalities and starting cash, plus different abilities and bikes, the only real reason to replay this game is to try out different bikes and enjoy the scenery and music. Other than that this is a game that won't last very long and won't beckon you to return for more except for perhaps every now and then on a rainy day.

Road Rash is an awesome game, albeit short but very sweet. The graphics are very good for the 3DO system, and the soundtrack kicks out the jams big time. This is one of the best 3DO games out there, and deserves a purchase if you own a 3DO, which I assume you do if you're reading this. You'll be hard-pressed to find a smoother, better-looking racing game on the 3DO Multimedia System, so my recommendation is that you find yourself a copy of Road Rash and enjoy.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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