Review by Andrewfreak1

Reviewed: 10/09/03

Watch out for that car!

OH MY GOD! This is the best game on 3DO that I've ever played. Okay, okay, so you probably got sucked into the addiction of Playstation2 and Gamecube and Xbox games. Well, so have I. But I still play the heck out of my PSX and other old systems. So, What else can I say besides this game rocks? Okay... hmm... okay heres a little song for you: George, George, George of the street racer watch out for that car! Watch out for that (the main character screams and slams into a car door) car!

Graphics (4/10): The graphics are poor... they give you that 16-bit-cartridge feeling, like I'm playing my Genesis or something. But hey, this system uses CDs for crying out loud! The graphics should AT LEAST show off some of the system's hardware! Also I like the little videos they do, like when you die or get hurt really bad or even get busted!

Gameplay (9/10): The gameplay had me playing the game for a long time! Speeding by cars, and then slamming into them and whamming onto the street, this game is better than any old Road Rash 3D that I play on my Psx. The controller only has a few buttons to press, so,heck, it's easy as heck. Also it is hard at some parts, like if you want to punch a cop off his motorcycle to stop chasing you, then you have to press the button a few times, because its hard to get a direct hit.

Sound (7/10): Maybe I should've turned off the sound and popped in a rock CD instead of listening to the sound. I mean, I like the music and all and the movie sounds but the game sounds are OK.

Replayability (10/10): What?! Of course you wanna replay it! You want your 3DO to die or something? Replay it! Replay it! *

Buy/Rent: Buy! I like the Road Rash series. Though I think Road Rash 3D on the PSX was not really fun. I wonder what the one on the N64 was like...

Overall (9/10): This game rocks. For the solid gameplay, nice replayability and sort of nice sound, I give this game a 9! I can't wait until Road Rash: Jailbreak, the next one in the series, which is coming out soon, on the PS2 Xbox and Gamecube.

Oh yeah, and one more thing--

WATCH OUT FOR THAT CAR! WHAM! ''Ohhh..'' 'Andrew Faints'

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Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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