3D GraphicsDimitri Detchev
Actor: Beach InhabitantDan Hewitt
Actor: Beach InhabitantKara Mabry
Actor: BicyclistNeil Strudwick
Actor: Boogie BoarderDan Hewitt
Actor: BusinessmanLucy Bradshaw
Actor: BusinessmanMark Douglas
Actor: BusinessmanMargaret Foley
Actor: BusinessmanCyndi Hill
Actor: BusinessmanJeff Lee
Actor: BusinessmanDavid Stokes
Actor: DriverKara Mabry
Actor: DriverDavid Stokes
Actor: Girl on StartNoreen Berberiech
Actor: Girl on StartLisa Higgins
Actor: HitchhikerMargaret Foley
Actor: HitchhikerDan Hewitt
Actor: JoggerRandy Dillon
Actor: JoggerAudrey Gustafson
Actor: MotorcyclistNoreen Berberiech
Actor: MotorcyclistRandy Dillon
Actor: MotorcyclistMark Douglas
Actor: MotorcyclistLisa Higgins
Actor: MotorcyclistDenise Kobza Jr.
Actor: MotorcyclistDavid Luoto
Actor: MotorcyclistAndrea Smith
Actor: MotorcyclistJeff Smith
Actor: Old WomanAudrey Gustafson
Actor: PedestrianEmily Favors
Actor: Policeman on MotorcycleRandall Breen
Actor: SkateboarderDavid Luoto
Actor: SkateboarderNathan Walrath
Actor: Tennis PlayerJeff Lee
Actor: TouristAndrea Smith
AuthorDavid Luoto
AuthorJamie Poolos
Game DesignRandall Breen
Game DesignLori Washbon
Game Music / Sound EffectsDon Veca
Game Sound EffectsTony Berkeley
Game Sound EffectsMarc Farley
GraphicsMargaret Foley
GraphicsMatthew Sarconi
GraphicsLouis Sremac
GraphicsNeil Strudwick
GraphicsOliver Wade
GraphicsNathan Walrath
Lead ArtistJeff Smith
ProducerRandall Breen
ProgrammerEmmanuel Maa Berriet
ProgrammerRandy Dillon
ProgrammerFrank Giraffe
ProgrammerDan Hewitt
ProgrammerTim Learmont
ProgrammerIrene Lee
ProgrammerDavid Stokes
ProgrammerWei Shoong Teh
ProgrammerDrew Topel
ProgrammerDon Veca
Track EditorThom Phillabaum
Track Layout and DesignJeff Glazier
Track Layout and DesignMike Lopez
Track Layout and DesignSteve Matulac
Track Layout and DesignStephen Murray
Video DirectorRod Gross


Data and credits for this game contributed by Arguro, th3l3fty, Mookiethebold, Blueberry Buttface, Mildew_Wolf, AGH!, HeartfulPunch, and adultnature.

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