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Reviewed: 10/01/02 | Updated: 10/01/02

Choose your destiny! Wait...wrong game..

Following much on the success, or lack thereof for point and click games such as Space Ace and Dragon’s Lair, you’ll come across this interesting little title that features more of the point and click action rather than outright platform or side scrolling action! Placing you in the midst of a rather unusual story line, you must guide your hero through several different scenarios that run the same was as the aforementioned games to. Through the successful choices that you make, you'll be greeted with the usual assortment of both a successful completion and move to the next scene, or a rather comical, if not insulting death. For fans of games that feature such point and click action, you really won’t find a game that is quite like this, and if you’re really looking for something that is above the rest of the animated adventure pack for the 3DO, then Brain Dead 13 might just be your target!

-The Game Play-

The game play that you find here with Brain Dead 13 is simple and to the point. You have to make your choices accordingly and make it through the different scenes that may come up throughout the game. While it doesn’t have the same format of Space Ace, in which a certain action at a certain time will net you a great rating, you’ll find that the choices you make will impact your progress through the game! Most of what you’ll see is simple and to the point, in which a scene will come up and you’ll have a number of options that you have to run through in order to make it to the next scene.

These choices are timed, and you only have a few seconds to go in the right direction, or you’ll face your death in unusual ways. Something that the game does allow you to do, is to continue through the game with unlimited lives, which actually makes the game a little bit on the simple side in the fact that once you’ve gotten the correct timing and directions down, you'll no longer have to play through the game again! Without different paths to take through the game, there really isn’t much of a need to see all of the sights that you might see the first time around, and the only new things that you may see {abet short} are the death scenes, which are rather funny to watch a few times over.

Control in Brain Dead 13 is nothing more than just being able to press your buttons at the right time. Much like other Jaguar games, if you’re lucky, you’ll have a small insert with will allow you to play through the game without having to second guess yourself at every moment! However, if you’re not lucky enough to get the insert, then you may find yourself at a disadvantage and playing the game a little longer than expected because you have to choose the right choice. For beginners to games like this, and even veterans alike, there is nothing here than won’t take more than a few minutes to get used to, and once you’ve got the timing and the positions down, there is nothing else here that you have to learn. Action in the game is more or less limited to simply making a choice and running with it, so there is nothing advanced here that you have to learn, adding to the simplicity of the game!

-The Visuals-

Visually, the game is one of the better looking in the point and click series of games that you can find on the 3DO. With cartoonish like characters that you may have found in other games such as Space Ace and Dragon’s Lair, there really isn’t much here that you’ll be in complete awe over. Something that does do a good job in making a report over, are the different success and failure screens that you run into. There is nothing like watching your character celebrate {briefly} his victorious passing to the next location, or the humorous death that may await! The story line is nothing more than the usual assortment of cartoonish characters conversing with each other, and you’ll find that the lack of overall detailing to the game doesn’t add much to the general adventure at hand. Nothing bad mind you, but there really isn’t anything impressive to see again once you’ve been through the game, because of the linear quality that the game provides.

-The Audio-

Audio wise, there isn’t much in terms of music and you’ll have to listen to the silly voice acting that flows throughout the entire game. Sound effects make up another portion of the game, although small, and really add to the overall theme that the game tries to produce! While not the most innovative, or even interesting sounds and acting you'll hear in a video game, the humorous quality that you find throughout the game is really something that you have to take notice of. Producing a story that is less than serious takes some work, and Brain Dead 13, in all of its silly glory, does do a rather decent job in producing the effect that you may or may not be looking for.

-The Verdict-

Brain Dead 13 makes up one of the more interactive titles that you can find on the 3DO System, and if you’re not really into games of this type, then you really won’t find any useful reason to have this in your library. However, if you’re a collector of 3DO games, then you’ll find that this game is a must to complete the set which really doesn’t number too far into the double digits. Gamers who enjoy the Dragon Lair and Space Ace games will find that this game is one of those types that relies more on humor and animation more than it does story and game play. This doesn’t break the normal format of things in general, but in the end, you may find that it isn’t all that much fun after you’ve seen everything and done everything that the game has to offer! A one time through type of game, be prepared for some marginally funny humor and some Bluth-style animation in the world of Brain Dead 13.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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