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Reviewed: 11/03/02 | Updated: 11/03/02

A very beautiful anime fighter

This is one of a few fighters made for the already small library of 3DO games - and while it will not win the title of best fighting game ever, it has a beauty all it's own.
Obviously based on the manga/TV show of the same name.

First thing you'll notice about this game is the opening movie, which most of is taken from the TV show's second opening. While it does not have the TV show's theme (separate copyright?) it replaces it with a very cool sounding song that is enjoyable to listen to.

The game itself has 2 modes: Story and VS. The VS mode gives you the options of either playing in single matches or in a team of 5 fighters. In story mode, you can select difficulty, and having the movies on or off. There is also a practice mode, where you can beat up on CPU opponent to sharpen your skills. There is even a jukebox mode and an art gallery. The jukebox lets you listen to all of the in-game tunes and the voice tracks. The art gallery is full of wonderful Yoshihro Togashi artwork for YYH.

The fighting itself is very cool. While the animation isn't quite to the par of more recent fighters such as Guilty Gear X, it's fluid enough. All fighters have at least 3 moves and 1 super move, all of which were taken straight for the anime. Another trait odd for a fighting game is Yu Yu Hakusho only has 2 buttons. The character selection is very good, has the 4 main heroes (Urameshi Yusuke, Kuwabara Kazuma, Hiei, and Kurama) and various fighters from the 2 stories covered in the game. There is some bit of cheapness in the CPU fighting however. In some cases, you can trap your enemy by repeated jump kicks, which they will almost always block, which leaves them open for throwing. They do not fall for this as often as you progress in the game, or if you have it on Hard mode.
Some of the fighters lack a good variety of attacks. Hagari Kaname relies too much on his gun, and only has 1 projectile kinetic energy move (which is what his attacks consisted of on the show), other than his super move - where he moves an oil truck at you! (yes something like that happened on the show). The moves that the fighters do have are actual ones used, and look very cool (check out Toguro Ani's super!)

Probably the best part about this game is the story mode. It is jammed packed with actual footage from the show, starting with the Ankoku Bujutsu Kai and then the Sensui saga. You can only be the hero fighters in this mode. You are allowed to pick a new character after every fight, and if you are beaten, that character is not selectable again until the next fight (and with a reduced energy bar). Also, if you are pounded and barely win a fight, that fighter will also have a lesser amount of energy in the next fight. You do earn bits of energy back, fight after fight. It can get very tough, even on normal mode.

The graphics on this game are excellent. The fighters look very good, except some are not as big as they appeared on the show. For example, Mui is about the same height as ShiShi Wakumaru. Yusuke and Sensui also look a bit too skinny. The backgrounds are gorgeous, and they have a nice scrolling affect when you move away from your enemy. The music and sound affects are great - none of the original show tracks are here, but the song included are quite pleasing to the ear. Voices are all from the show, and the sound affects do YYH justice.

The replay on Yu Yu Hakusho is average, although YYH fans probably won't get tired of watching those movies again ;)

Overall, this game is very cool. In my opinion, this game is tied for the title of best YYH game with the Treasure Megadrive version. If you are YYH fan like I am, this game is a must. If you aren't a YYH fan, but would like to expand your 3DO library, this game is also a good buy. But if you are just a fighting game fan looking for a new challenge, it really isnt worth it to spend 60 on the system and then another 60 on this game.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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