"???"Vijay Pande
"Cromson Glory"Carole May
"Konotori"Jason Rubin
"Major Gains"Mike Gains
"Malcom Fox"Chris Sanford
"Nikki Chan"Tamara Genest
"Nobunaga"Steve Chan
"Shaky Jake"Mitch Gavin
"The Dragon"Tae Min Kim
Design and Production / GraphicsJason Rubin
Design and Production / ProgrammingAndrew M. Gavin
LyricsRob Zombie
MusicWhite Zombie
StrategyGreg Richardson
TechnicalPaula Lorenz
Voice of "Book Keeper"Jason Rubin
Voice of "Crimson Glory"Kip Young
Voice of "High Abbot"Jason Rubin
Voice of "Konotori"Dave Baggett
Voice of "Kull"Andy Gavin
Voice of "Major Gains"David Shane
Voice of "Malcom Fox"Andy Gavin
Voice of "Nikki Chan"Rita Dai
Voice of "Nobunaga"David Shane
Voice of "Shaky Jake"Rod Brooks
Voice of "The Dragon"David Liu


Data and credits for this game contributed by Arguro, steamliner88, th3l3fty, Blueberry Buttface, Mookiethebold, HeartfulPunch, and LordAndrew.

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