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Reviewed: 03/06/06

Best Street Fighter of its day.

Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo was one of the best 3DO games and deceptively showed that the system had a promising future ahead of it (we all know this was not the case). Street Fighter 2, for those not familiar with it, was a fighting game were you could choose from an assortment of characters and either fight the computer with the goal of beating the tournament or fight a friend in a 2 player match. Each character had an assortment of moves, strengths, and weaknesses. More games like this would have kept the system going.

Graphics & Sound- 9: I owned (and still own) both the Genesis and SNES versions of Super Street Fighter 2. This game offers larger and much more detailed and colorful sprites and more frames of animation than its Genesis or SNES counterparts. Likewise the backgrounds are drawn better. The sound was a perfect reproduction of the arcade and there were actually new screenshots added to the endings for each character that were not included in the original arcade game (to my knowledge). However, the graphics appear slightly pixalated compared to the Arcade-perfect Playstation version released several years later. The Dreamcast version (only released in Japan) has the same graphics that this one has.

Game-play / Control- 8: It also offers new features of gameplay such as the "Super Move" which can be performed only when the "Super Bar" is charged. Although the control was precise, the controller to the 3DO was not that well suited to this game and took a great deal of getting used to. And you can play Akuma. There was an easy code to play this character so you didn't have to beat the game on the hardest setting without losing a match or taking damage like you did in the arcade to unlock him.

Fun-factor- 10: In its day this was the best version of Street Fighter money could buy. Those who did not own this system had to wait half a decade to play the same game on the Playstation (Street Fighter Collection). I actually bought a 3DO exclusively for the purpose of playing Street Fighter 2 Turbo and Samurai Shodown. Even though few titles were released for the system, these two games were nearly the same as the arcade games and far superior to the SNES and Genesis offerings. This game kept my friends and I happy for several years. For all extents and purposes I owned two arcade machines (Samurai Shodown and Street Fighter 2 Turbo).

Challenge / Replay Value- 10: WIth such a large variety of characters and different endings for each character, there was a lot to keep players coming back to this game. It also offered a new play mechanics not seen in the older versions and hidden easter eggs as well.

Over all- 9: An excellent game that was virtually identical to the arcade machine. At the time this game was enough of a reason to buy the entire 3DO system. It was like purchasing the Arcade machine. My friends and I spent hours playing this game.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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