Review by Lex Morgan

Reviewed: 09/10/03

The best of all the upgrades.

When I bought my used 3D0 system from buy/sell shop for $40 canadian, I thought I got it for a bargain. But with the system, I needed to get games to play on it. So I searched high and low for the one 2D fighting game that is best for this system and that game is Super Street Fighter II Turbo.

Graphics - 10

Yes, as dated as the Street Fighter II sprites are, its still a marvel that it was these same sprites that started the 2d fighting craze. When Super Street Fighter II came out, it included four new characters. They kept the same backgrounds for all the characters from the super version and added a new secret character (Akuma). The backgrounds are bright and even have some movement in the backgrounds. I am the only one who noticed that every background stage for the four new warriors have some sort of bird in it? The graphics scream old school, for those who like it, it is good.

Sounds -10

The voices come out crystal clear and the fighting sounds are the same from every incarnation of Street Fighter II. The announcer sounds like Big Bird from Sesame Street who also sounds like Guile in this game too.

Music - 10

The sounds may be the same but the music is what makes this 3D0 game great. Cammy's stage music is my favorite now which makes me want to pause the game and hear the complete tune. Akuma's is classic too, too bad its gets overly repetitive unlike his Alpha 2 remix version which still sends chills up my spine. Thumbs up for Capcom using cd quality music for this game, I played the PC version of Super Street Fighter II and the music for it was just horrid.

Game play - 9

The 3D0 controller may not be the best controller for those to use in this game, as the awkward button setting can be very troublesome at times. Luckily for those who have a SNES controller adapter (like me ^_^), this game is a dream come true. The moves are pulled off easily without a hitch. For those without the adapter, you may have a bit of a hard time especially when it comes to Samurai Shodown for 3D0.

Final score - 10

For those looking for a great game for their 3D0, I highly suggest this gem of greatness and even though Capcom repackaged this game in a collection package with Super Street Fighter II and Street Fighter Alpha 3 Gold, this platform version is the best incarnation I played (I haven't played the Dreamcast match version so I can't comment). With Samurai Shodown, this is the best 2D fighter on the 3D0.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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