Review by Saikyo Ki

Reviewed: 11/01/01 | Updated: 11/01/01

A nearly arcade perfect port of an awesome fighting game.

This game, without a doubt, is one of the most important in the 3DO's library. If Capcom didn't make this, the 3DO may not have survived as long as it did. If you own a 3DO, are a fighting game fan and don't have the Street Fighter Collection on one of the systems it came out for, this is a must have.

Story: 8
The same story as before with the addition of four new fighters one of them being a complete Bruce Lee wannabe. :P

Gameplay: 7
Preserved well, except for the lack of buttons. You can pick which punches and kicks you want to map to the three buttons. Every character is here, every special move is here and everyone's first super moves are here.

Graphics: 10
Perfect. The 3DO's 2D power is proved to be impressive in this port. The characters are all the same size as the arcade version, with every frame of animation intact. The backgrounds also are arcade perfect. To top it all off, everything is colored the same as the arcade as well.

Sound/Music: 10
All sound effects and voices are at the same quality as they are in the arcade, which is awesome, since some 3DO arcade ports don't have this high level of sound quality... :: coughcoughSAMURAISHODOWNcoughcough :: The music is also 100% arcade authentic, put on CD tracks.

Control: 6
Three moves out of six? No. Well, at least the three attacks you can use during gameplay are nice and responsive like they should be, as is the direction pad, plus you can customize the moves exactly the way you want them. Since the 3DO should have had a six button controller, that's what this category gets.

Replay Value: 8
See each character's ending, then mutilate your friends. It really doesn't get much better than that. This game is also fun for fighting game fans who missed this game and have only executed super moves in Street Fighter Alpha and onward. Using supers in this game is much different, not to mention harder. It calls for good reflexes and strategy (not that the Alphas don't, but the fact that this game is the birthplace of SF super moves means that they haven't been refined yet).

Bottom Line?
If it weren't for the 3DO's crappy controls, this game would have gotten a 10 easy. Well, despite this flaw, this game is a godsent for 3DO fighting game fans in being arcade perfect in almost every way, which is why I give it an 8.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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