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  1. Here's A Behind-The-Scenes Look At Halo Infinite's Opening Cinematic 1 hour ago | GameSpot Animation studio Axis Studios has worked with some of the biggest names in the games industry,... Permalink
  2. New Switch eShop Sale Discounts A Bunch Of Great Capcom Games 8 hours ago | GameSpot Capcom's Lunar New Year sale is now live on the Nintendo Switch eShop, offering steep discounts... Permalink
  3. AT&T Is Rolling Out 5 Gbps Internet, Expanding Into More Areas 9 hours ago | GameSpot If you have been downloading AAA games over the last several years, you've probably noticed how... Permalink
  4. Evercade VS Review: Joyous Nostalgia 10 hours ago | GameSpot Nostalgia for retro games has boomed in recent years, with an increasing number of compilations,... Permalink
  5. Wordle Fans, Beware: A Twitter Bot Is Now Spoiling Tomorrow's Word Of The Day 10 hours ago | GameSpot If you're one of the countless Wordle players who have taken to sharing their results on Twitter,... Permalink

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  1. Three Kirby amiibo Appear To Be Getting Reprints (North America) 2 hours ago | Nintendo Life Kirby, Meta Knight, King Dedede and Byleth, too. It was discovered earlier this month that the... Permalink
  2. Call of Antia is a brand-new Match-3 RPG available on Android and iOS 2 hours ago | Gaming on Phone Call of Antia, a fresh new Match-3 RPG from FunPlus is now available on both iOS and Android... Permalink
  3. Another Game Has Been Delisted From Nintendo's 3DS eShop 3 hours ago | Nintendo Life Dodge Club Pocket could now get a Switch release. It seems another digital game has gone missing... Permalink
  4. Scrapnaut gameplay 3 hours ago | Nintendo Everything Scrapnaut, a top-down base-building survival title that released on Switch a few days ago, has... Permalink
  5. Pokémon Unite: Voice chat and in-game chat guide and tips 3 hours ago | Gaming on Phone Like many other MOBA titles, Pokémon Unite has both voice chat and in-game chat features. These... Permalink